Importance of Entering Ticketing Queue Early

I am a 65 year old TBF Virgin. Will be attending with 7 of my “girlfriends” from high school. It is our HIP HIP HOORAY WE ARE ON MEDICARE trip. My question is, after reading the new ticketing process about ten times, I need some advice. How important is it to log onto the ticket site an hour before the sale starts? It sounds like those who enter the digital waiting room, their order in the queue will be randomized. But those who enter at 9am or later will be put in line in order of first come first serve. So it sounds like there is a definite advantage to log on early, but it may not matter if you log in at 8:01am or 8:59am - correct?

Correct as car as I can tell. To be safe, maybe try to be in there a good 10 min before the sale starts in case you have any unforeseeable technical issues.