I'm psychic!

See, i told you we’d get shut out!

But my psychic powers also tell me that it’ll all work out fine, and we’ll all see each other in June.

Seems silly we all go through this year after year, with the same results: 90% of the Town park tickets end up in the same hands, and we get 10% virgins. But I’ll bet 50% of the tickets change hands at least once to take care of the 90%…I wish there was an easier way!

Psst…Yo Kym, what’s the story?

We may never fully understand the ways of the bluegrass gods…I don’t think I’d even want to. But I like what your psychic powers are telling ya! :thumbsup

And I’m sure your math is darn near spot on…it’d be interesting to track the ticket flow from today till June 16th. I figure though, we need that 10% to keep the gene pool from gettin stagnant ya know.

be well! :pipe2

Our personal lottery luck seems to have changed this year. Never been so glad to NOT get an email before. Pete was shut out but mine (for 2) went through sans the vp. We’re still taking a camp head count but it looks like there’s going to be some serious work needed to take care of family this year however. I’ll jump on whatever comes this way and let you know Jeff. Please do the same if extras pass by you. And it will all work out. Of course it will. It’s always nice to have them on hand (or stashed in your favorite Dr. Suess…I think of you guys when we read The Places You’ll Go now.) but an exercise in faith is character building right? :wink:

Glad to hear some luck came your way Kym…we love our Festifamily!

It’s always been an exercise in faith for me, headed to TBF each year, and being blessed with all of our Festi-Family since 2007, I can tell you my faith has never been misplaced. Blessd again with upcoming plans for 2011, I can’t thank my Festi-family enough for holding me in their hearts, holding me in their light and holding me in their arms each and every time that we Festivate together.

So, with psychic powers and the love of the ABGAT Team, I know that the tickets are out there for all of us and when the Spring comes again we’ll be…

Packin’ for Telluride!!! :rock (not that we aren’t already! :lol)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :cheers
Auntie Hope

You UNpacked?

Silly Hope!! :lol

heh… minor revisions. :lol Good Point though!