If you're looking for a quieter Town Park vibe...

We’re looking for neighbors that are interested in the same. Come on by the south end of the primitive area.

Disclaimer- this doesn’t mean a no noise or quiet zone, everyone should bring earplugs if they really want to snooze. Quiet is a relative thing in TP. Acoustic instruments and pickers welcome, we’re not looking to step on the pickin tents at all- we love you. What we are looking to do is avoid a repeat of the amplified music and rudeness that set up right in the middle of many others in the area last year.

I hope you find your space that is away from the rude campers, some people (although probably good intentioned) just aren’t respectful…case in point, loud screaming early in the a.m. one night that ticked off many who were sleeping, anyway, hope you find that place back in the primitive area


Thanks Dave,

We’re already there. :wink:

:wave Will head that way hopefully Sunday eve, or Monday early morn. That sounds like an area we’d be interested in. Thx CUSoon! :thumbsup

Awesome…if you mean literally, i’m envious, if figuratively, perfect! Hey, i see you have a recommendation for camping 12 miles outside of Tride by Trout Lake. Do you have a number i can call to reserve a space for August for the Phish shows? Getting there early and need a place for one night prior to opening of highschool.

Also, you recommend “bring a lightweight closed-cell foam pad like a Ridgerest to put between your sleeping bag and the air mattress for insulation” in an earlier post. Where might i purchase this?



Hi Dave,

I’m not actually there yet, but someone with our group is.

Check it out by googling “Matterhorn Campground”, to reserve try here. Good luck w/ the dates.

Closed cell foam pads, like Ridgerest or such can be found at REI for about 15-20. Blue or green lightweight closed cell foam pads about 1/4" thick or so can be found at Walmart and sporting good stores for around 10-12.

C’mon by and check it out. Everyone interested in something like this is welcome. There was a lot of interest in this late last year after a few nights of sleep deprivation.

You’ll be coming in after land rush, but early enough that there should be space somewhere. Earlier is always better. See ya.


:thumbsup Earlier is what we’re hoping for , thanks!

Any past late night sound reports from Mary E? planning to bring earplugs just in case…

I remember the group you’re talking about from last year. They did get loud at times.

We’ve camped in the south primitive area in the same spot for the past few years. And we’re planning on being your neighbor again this year. Camp Evergreen is bringing a few festivirgins to join our group this year. The rest of us are experienced festivarians and want to keep a good vibe in this part of Town Park. We’ll do our best to not be too loud but do bring your ear plugs.

The best way to have a good camping experience is to meet your neighbors who are camping around you! Let’s make sure we all know each others names and where you’re from.

As we all set our tents in the field, don’t block off access to the river. Let’s leave a path by the fence, and a few other areas, so we can all get to the water.

We need to squeeze our tents close together in the field - just like Warner Field. I remember a few years ago when we got to town on Wednesday. It was very stressful and all of the good shaded spots in Town Park were already taken. We found some nice people in the field in the south primitive area who let us squeeze in next to them. As we set up this year during the land rush, let’s remember the other campers who are arriving late and try to leave them a spot.

We’re starting to pack today and can’t wait to get Bluegrass this year. What an amazing lineup!

Looking forward to the best festival ever, and I totally agree with AnythingAtAll that we should try to keep the south primitive area of Town Park a bit more mellow than the all night parties at the historic camps.

See you soon!
Rob & Tatiana & the gang at
Camp Evergreen

Rob and Tatiana

I’m bringing two adult newbies and 3 well-behaved boys (5,5,8) with me. We would like to find your quiet area…where exactly is the primitive area.



For true quiet family camping, it is best to camp at the Telluride High School. As said previously, quiet is a relative term in Town Park.

The primitive area is across the bridge on the west side of Town Park.

Hi Rob- :wave

The field and San Miguel River are at the north end of the primitive area. We’re the other way. We saw you guys last year, we were where the trails split/merged, we’re farther south this time. Come see us again…

Hi Glenn- :wave
The high school is good, but has some restrictions (smoking of any kind and alcohol) and no shade.
Here’s a basic Town Park map
that for the sake of confusion is oriented so that south is at the top, unlike almost any other map in the world…the primitive area is the walk-in camping area on the map- everything to the left of Bear Creek.

Once Rob gets re-oriented, he’ll tell you that it’s on the EAST side of Town Park.


Thanks for the orientation Glenn! My compass doesn’t always point north at bluegrass. I just keep walking towards the music!

Nope. You mean the other west.

Primitive Area is east of the main campground. West is down-valley.

I always look for the quieter vibe (relatively) for my tent so will look to join you if there’s still room. 2 of us coming from Moab next Monday am.

I am up for that. We are not noisy and respect others. If there’s room by the time we get there Wednesday maybe we’ll see you.

Candygram for Mongo-

Check ur PMs (personal messages)

Sheriff Bart can’t help if you don’t call…


Mongo like Sherrif Bart!

Quiet sounds good. We will try to be also. Can’t wait…