IBMA Awards

Wow what a night. :medal
A few upsets but all in all outstanding! I think Frank S and Dirty Kitchen should have been New Emerging Artist but hey maybe next year. They smoked it however with their set! :medal :medal

Did anyone catch the IBMA Awards ?

sammy shelor on banjo makes me happy… saw dale ann bradley (multi year female vocalist winner) last weekend at bristol rhythm roots reunion and she is awesome… next year i hear ibma is in raliegh, nc… thats a bit closer to home but nuthin like nashville :cheers

Ya know Dayton is it just me or does Ms. Bradley sound just like Alison K???
Almost identical to me and I am not certain but I don’t think I’ve ever heard heard her live before. I was pullin for Berry for Bass…

And I have to add, Del has the sweetest voice ever. What do you think he sounds like when hes mad. Still soft and sweet I bet…very smooth and professional. :flower

I like his tone very much, very traditional. :medal

I liked Dale Ann Bradley at Rockygrass this year. I didn’t notice a Allison Krause resemblance, she’s more twangy.


I guess we’d have to ask Ronnie or Rob that one… :wink:

I guess your right…not sure why I thought that :huh Thanks for the link R and R :flower

I might just do that. :cheers