I wish Planet Bluegrass would ......

Sell hats with fans, :thumbsup Have a station for rental space for day gear,
out law umbrellas :lol
be year round, oh yeah, now you are,lucky us! :flower

My friend skin friend tries not use her umbrella, but sometimes it’s that or missing the music.
Heck of a choice.

It would be nice if the set up a shade tent a little off to the side and little in the back. Not too good of a view, but not so bad to punish those that too much sun does them in.

I wish they would pipe the music into Town Park. Not too loud, but a 2nd speaker system would be nice for those us that have to choose between the sun and music.

But yes the sun is the biggest issue most years, so it be nice if there we some means to help with it.

I wish they get Alison Krauss to play :slight_smile:

That would be nice, but the biggest problem would be contending with the delay from the actual festival sound. Its kinda painful tuning in with the radio from the campsite because you hear everything twice.

Will you stop getting my hopes up! :wink:

I’m trying my best to convince myself that she won’t be able to make it so as to avoid the terrible disappointment of learning that she won’t be part of this years lineup after secretly believing she would be… that might sound twisted, but being an almost lifetime fan of hers (considering I’m 22 and I’ve been listening to her music since the age of 4), I have to think of preserving my own sanity in this situation!

Cowboys don’t wear shorts :wave

Create some sort of frequent flyer program that makes the lottery easier on the long time veterans (read customers) rewarding them for their committed patronage over the years.

See the Camps need Tickets
I just posted a propsal …

Come round and tuck you in at night. :kiss

Maid service would be nice too, and a mint on the pillow.
And line service (I can use a nice breakfast after waiting in line all night)

Gee guys, I don’t know about you but I seem to remember all of those things happening in Camp run a Muck :lol

Actually Breakfast in bed would be really nice.


No doubt!! Thanks for reviving this dream Miki! I would sooo love a bobbing Sam to keep us company as we make the journey!

I kinda want to have sammy, bela, jerry, and edgar all made into bobble heads and sitting on my desk right now

I would so buy a Sammy bobble-head.

I though Vince comes around Town Park and does that around 5:00am or so :evil