I am so excited.
Hoping and praying that advanced isn’t too advanced… i’m no Tony Rice.

Can any of you give me some expectations?

Awesome, congrats! Last year I was in between intermediate and advanced and decided that advanced was the right class for me. It depends on the instructor too and his/her style of teaching. You want to get the most out of it, you’re shelling out the cash!YOu’ll figure it out when you get there and meet the students and instructors. It’ll be a fantastic academy for you!

Do you have a guest pass? I didn’t get lucky in the lottery this year and want to be a part of the academy community with a guest pass. please let me know.

thanks Julie :slight_smile:

Thanks Julie,
What should I expect?
How advanced is the advanced? How Intermediate is the Intermediate?

From the FAQ: Intermediate level participants should be able to play lead and rhythm parts and be comfortable with slow jamming. Advanced level participants are expected to play well with others, be competent at faster rhythms and complex lead parts, and cover material quickly.

I am totally comfortable with slow jamming… but I can impovise pretty well and take leads etc… and play pretty well with others.

We’ll see, i’m just excited.

I think there are still Novice Guitar slots open… I didn’t get a guest pass, but I didn’t try.

I found the intermediate and advanced about the same level-musicians at rockygrass are mighty fine pickers and after school pickin in the eve is top notch and a bonus to your academy experience where you can observe others and or apply what you learned in 'class.'Days are exhausting and your brain will be on overload. I found the eves a good opp to reflect and process and try things out.Instructors should be prepared with “lesson objectives” but in case they aren’t be sure to have your own questions- licks or rhythm ideas you want made clear etc. Instuctors demonstrate and students copy in unison.Your (and other student) questions can help guide your time together in ‘class’ and make it more engaging and productive. YOu’ll love it!Wow, its so fun,writing this makes me realize how important it is I hunt down an rga ticket!
hope that helps,