HWY 145 Closure 6/20 at 6pm

There is a semi truck and trailer that rolled down a cliff near mile marker 66. It’s not too far from Telluride. Maybe 5 miles??? Signs are up showing the road will be closed on June 20 at 6pm for vehicle removal. Judging by the looks of the carnage, I would prepare for the road to be closed for at least a few hours or more. Check road reports if you are planning to drive through there around that time.

North or South of Telluride?

It’s south of Telluride @ the “scenic overlook” big pullout near Alta Lakes turn off.

This will affect those traveling from Dolores if you’re planning on rolling in between 6-11pm. I’d suggest taking Illium road to bypass … which is a well graded dirt / county road you can catch by turning left directly opposing the Ophir turn off. It will bring you past Mary E and back up to 145 on the other side of Telluride. It’ll set you back 15 minutes, but from what I’m hearing the delays could be far greater if you opt to wait it out on the hwy.

FYI: nothing is really technical about this route and is actually easy, but suggest taking it slow … especially the first 1/2 miles … which has a couple sections of one lane with big dropoffs.