HTGAB RG 7/27/07

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How To Grow A Band
(Final Show as How To Grow A Band)
Rockygrass - Lyons, CO

Source: MXL2003s>V3@24/48>Tascam HDP2
Transfer: Normed, Fades in SF8>Tracked in CDWave>Flac Front End -Setlist corrections to prennix at gmail dart kom
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  1. O Santo De Polvora
  2. Wayside (Back In Time)
  3. Stay Away
  4. the Bee Keeper
  5. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  6. I’m Nowhere and You’re Everything
  7. (instramental?)
  8. Stay Away
  9. Heart In A Cage
  10. Watch 'At Breakdown
  11. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  12. Hell Is Crome
  13. Cazadero
  14. How To Grow A Woman From The Ground
  15. Brakemans’ Blues
  16. Encore: If The Sea Was Whiskey