Howdy from CT

Hey guys…

new to the Festivarian Forum and just experienced my first Telluride Bluegrass… all I can say was that it was a life changer… best fest ever hands down… all you folks are great…

I hail from Stamford CT… tucked away here on the East Coast…

whats up and hi to all!

Stamford CT here also… small world :cheers

Welcome!!! :wave :cheers

Consider Greyfox:


Hey Banjomatic!

Very small world… where abouts in Stamford are you at? I am in the downtown area (Bedford)…

Hiya Matt

Greyfox sounds awesome… I may have to check it out this year… where you at Telluride? Are you from CT?


I was at Telluride. Currently reside in the Boston area.

Will be at Greyfox for the full weekend this year.


Yo Matt,

I see you were smited numerous times - some people just don’t know. I am putting you back to proper status.

Speaking of being smited…
Nobody but scalpers deserves a minus 400 rating.
Somebody must not like you Billy, but I’ll try to restore you. :flower

Hey Tom :wave,

Thanks for thinking of me. One of our friends intentionally lowered me to “-420” (as if I lived in the bizarro world) and I knew what our tree-living, banana eating friend was up to. However, I was applauded a few times so it looked I was a real bad apple.

Hope you had a blast this year and I look forward to seeing you in 2009.


Hmmmm, smited?

Oh well - thanks Billy!!! :thumbsup


That Greyfox festival looks like a good one! I love that it says “Sam Bush and his Mandolin”. And the Stringdusters! Love those guys but then I’m a bit prejudiced for them since Travis is a Durango native.
Have fun whoever out there is going!

I am SO looking forward to a Stringdusters fix!!! :rock


I’m towards the north end of town in Springdale.

as long as we are throwing out names of other local festivals, has anyone been to the Podunk Bluegrass Festival in East Hartford? My brother lives near there so I was considering going for a day to check it out… I’ll probably do Greyfox next year myself…


Aweseome, I grew up right in Newfield so I know Springdale well…

ever hang out at Fireside or Vinnys Backyard?

Podunk is a good time… I am still trying to get to GreyFox…

I’m at Vinny’s quite a bit, usually 1-2 nights a week…

Ha… surprised we never gravitated towards each other… good pizza… cool bar…

So I’m thinking we should have a little CT Festivarian get together sometime soon. Perhaps Erndog can join us if he’s up for the drive

I’m in - and available to meet up.

Let me know when you get back from Hardly Strictly.


Ha… love to see my thread still alive and kicking… I am down for a Telluride get together for sure… who is in!

Fingers crossed for Town Lottery…

Hey all, I am planning on going out to Telluride this year, looking to meet some East coast women CT & NY for local bluegrass gigs as well as hanging out in Telluride. Live in Westchester and work in Greenwich.