How to get set up with one parent and two kiddos


My wife and I are bringing the kiddos to the festival, but she can’t get there until Thursday. I’m coming out on Wednesday to get us set up (we’re camping at the highschool, seemed most kid-friendly) and am trying to wrap my head around getting this done with two young (4yo and 2yo) children and no spouse there. Any advice? I’m driving from CSprings and will try to arrive as early Wednesday as possible. Am I going to be doomed in terms of location and ability to set up a largish family tent/shelter? Will I be able to keep the vehicle nearby until I get us set up? I don’t love the idea of leaving stuff packed up until we get back from parking…

Thanks for your thoughts. Really looking forward to this. I need to get used to my children yelling “festival!!”


No doom, no gloom.

Fest of all, you’ll be fine. High School is a great place for you to be. You are on the other side of town in regards to the fest area. You will meet new instant friends and many will have kids. You are really close to the grocery store and you have the advantage of high school showers which will remind of high school days (its very European).

You are next to a great shuttle stop that you can work to your advantage … except, in heavy traffic times, the buses may appear to be packed. But those understanding you will rise and offer seats. They also put more buses on the schedule so the sardine thing is minimized. Plan for your day carefully and take what you need, or divide up. Cell service is pretty good. Another nice thing about where you are staying, your kiddleys will pass through town so many times it will leave an indelible mark on their young minds. Elk Park is about halfway or so.

Once the kids are in the kiddy area, you will be relieved. The sound is so good, you will always feel close.

Although you will have your hands full for the first part, don’t worry, be happy! Festivarians will come to your aid and you won’t be too alone with so many around you. The quieter but still enthusiastic spirit of High School Field will be a welcome calm at the end of the day.

You should find plenty of opportunity for your camp. Many locals come for a day or two, freeing up those who come to camp. Although all of this seems overwhelming, there are few bad apples in the whole bushel. We all have to drop stuff, move cars, go to shows and shop, pick up ice etc etc.

The only thing I would be concerned with is that it will be cold after dark and at 4 am. But, maybe not so much for a FestaColoradian. For us Arizoneys, we fear the cold but are forced to embrace it!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your real father side and show what it’s like to have an adventure. Bring the favorite boppys and soft toys and all that. Brave you are to take this on, but I believe you will prevail and your wife will be happy you did.

At least you are going to be setting up in daylight! Ask for special parking with the handlers (there are a plenty of them and are not new to your situation!

a non parent!

We don’t have kids, we rent them! Above all else, keep it on the light side and make it fun for … everyone!

good luck! :thumbsup

Dewstar, thanks for the good thoughts. It’s nice to get a friendly response.

Dewey is right. The vibe up here right now is great and if you need help, just ask! You in a 'Family Campground". There are many parents that understand what you’re facing with the two little ones!

Safe Travels!
Auntie Hope… who is in Telluride RIGHT NOW!!!

Auntie Hope and Dewster are right on. I’m sure you’ll find some friendly folks to help you get set up. I’ve made a lot of friends setting up camp and many have helped me as much by entertaining the kids as they have by helping me put up the tent. And seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. There are a lot us of that have been in your shoes before and would be happy to help. Have a great time. I hope the kids enjoy it too.