How to Bump it up ............AGAIN ?

ok suggestions wanted … what can we do for the Abgat … and for the Bear Creek Crew
that would be fun for all
Im smoking 2 ten pd Briskets …what else can we do ?

email me off list or here

I will be there for all of A.B.G.A.T. What did you have in mind as far as suggestions? Different foods to prepare? three legged hippy races? i know this time we will have to get a good poker game going. Maybe poker could be during A.B.G.A.T. as i noticed i was a little distracted for poker once the FESTIVALL!!! got kicked off. I’m definitely up for early morning swims in Bear Creek :eek . Let me know what you have in mind :thumbsup

Cody, I think your hippie race sounds like a great idea! Talon would give us quite the challenge though . . . unless of course we break out the Spiderman!

Today I am going to beat the crap out of my mailman bacause he still has not delivered me my photos you were going to send!
It’s been months!!!

Just try to picture the mailman as a flamingo… the rest will come naturally!!

First…I need a stick! Then… The mailman is a flamingo…the mailman is a flamingo…!!!

:lol ah! hahahaha :lol

Don’t forget to wear your magic “Flamingo Slayer” HAT!!! (skinny legs and all!)

Auntie Hope :pickin

I fear that I may be culpable in the event that a certain mailman should be perhaps slain as though he/she were a flamingo… I may have to leave the country. :eek

So my mailman lays in the street broken and bleeding…

He says…“Mr. Ron never sent those pictures as he had said he would”.

OOps…sorry Mr. Mailman…I guess I’ll have to be a bit more generous with his Christmas tip huh?

Damn you Ron!

Count me in, whatever it is, just count me in.

(Shut up Ron)


I will Never Shut Up !
Brup and bump