How much space will we have? onsite camping

Hello! I’m wonderding… about how much real estate are we allowed to take up at on-site camping? Our group will be two adults and two kids. I cant find any information about how much space we can take up with our shade and/or tent and dont want to arrive with anything too large/small. Thank you!

There are technically no space restrictions, it really depends on when you arrive!

Folks Fest is less packed than Rockygrass/Telluride. If you show up the day after load in you’ll have less flexibility. If flexibility is important to you, I’d recommend you participate in the load in process. The details thereof aren’t quite solidified yet but check back here in a month or so and there should be more info:

But all of that said, even a decent sized tent and a shade structure can be shoehorned in relatively easily. You just might be cozy with your neighbors if you show up ‘late’.

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