How much does beer/wine cost inside the festival?

Hello all,
I see that there is no alcohol allowed to be brought into the festival - anyone have any idea about how much the beer or wine is inside the festival?
Thanks and see y’all next week!

Last year, the first beer was $6 and includes a reusable festival cup. A nice souvenir, and it you bringing it back each time for a refill gets $1 off each time.

Wine is similar. It’s sold in a large sippy cup and is cheaper each refill. I can’t remember the price, though. The wine offerings improved the last couple years.

Do they accept credit cards for beer/wine purchases (food, too, for that matter)?

Nope only Cash but there is an A.T.M. right next to the beer tent.

I thought beer refills were $4?

They also have some cocktails available if that us more your style. Unlike many festivals out there, nothing is overpriced in the festival grounds.

Highly probable! I bought one beer last year.

$4 is correct. It has been the same price for quite a while now. Pretty amazing really. I look at it as $5 as you gotta tip and generally $10 cuz buying the person behind you a beer is just too fun.
They’ll raise the price one day soon and I’ll congratulate them for keeping where it was for so long.
Can’t wait to see y’all,

You don’t even HAVE to buy the cup with the first one, if you bring your own right away.

They also sell stainless steel tumblers at the beer tent, including insulated ones. They used to have custom cups every year, so there was a collection aspect to it, but now they’re all the same year to year.

I enjoy my random act of kindness once a day… I’ll buy a beer for a person I don’t know and ask them to pay it forward to another stranger later in the day and keep it going.

Last year, as I recall, they have frozen vodka lemonade drinks. And New Belgium Brewing is always the sponsor. Maybe they’ll bring the new Citradellic or Watermelon brews! I think they created the Summer Helles just for the 40th Anniversary of Telluride Bluegrass.

Can’t wait to hit the road for the best week of the year!

Surprisingly, the Citradelic and Watermelon stuff has made it to Southside Virginia…interesting stuff, but I’ll be opting for something else like Fat Tire. :cheers :cheers :wave

Most food is not over the top crazy expensive, but unless I’m feeling lazy or wobbly, I’ll always opt to walk to BIT for a slice vs. small square @ $6/cheese or $7/topping inside.