How many entries for Mumford Nightgrass?

I’m curious to know how many folks managed to get their entries into the Mumford Nightgrass lottery. I got shut out of all the lottery shows last year (my first TBF), and I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed for one of those coveted tickets this year. With the short notice and all the lottery rules for Mumford, though, I wonder how big that pool of entries will be, and what the chances are of getting picked.

Ah, well. I guess we’ll know Tuesday, right? If anybody ends up with an extra, keep me in mind, and I’ll do the same for you!

And with all the fantastic non-lottery shows, it looks like I’m going to finally see what this Nightgrass thing is about this year, regardless of whether I win the lotteries!

Officially, I have no idea how many entries there were. Good luck. :thumbsup


If that’s indeed the number of entries, the capacity is 238 and assuming all of the requests were for 2 tickets, 3.8% of the entries will be winners. In the words of the immortal Lloyd Christmas, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

3,524 entries!? 3,500 women and 24 dudes. Good luck on that one fan-people. :eek This should have been SCI’s NG show. :flower

The warm-up band is Chippendales.

Does anyone know how many entrants there were in years past for M&S? I’m curious what kind of impact the new lottery rules had on this show.

When yer good yer good :evil

Sorry everyone. I just couldn’t help myself! :lol

Nicely done! Very funny.

That was a good one! We all know perfectly well that the actual number of entries is closer to 6000.

Yes, coveted. I know some people aren’t huge fans of Mumford, but I meant ALL nightgrass shows. I would love to get tickets to at least one of them this year.

I’m getting ready to hit the second lottery at midnight tonight. The only problem is that there are multiple shows I want to see on each night. Fingers crossed!

Do you think that just because you’re not interested the tickets aren’t coveted?

Best of luck in the second lottery, hope something pans out for you that you’re after!

I’m not sure what the threshold is for being “coveted”? I’m sure they’re coveted by some, but almost certainly not by all. I guess that’s what makes the world & TBF go around, we all have our own personal tastes in music.

the “winner” emails are going out now…

Thanks! I haven’t had an email either way on this one, yet. Frankly, though, I think I’d be happy to get tickets to any and all of these shows. I’ll definitely be buying tickets to some of the ones at the Palm. I just have to figure out how to keep my energy up. I usually turn into a pumpkin at midnight, especially after a full day of festivating!

Hopefully you’ll hear soon! Who knows how it’ll play out this year … seems they may have tried to balance out the capacity & demand with the venues, but I recall last year that almost everything at the Palm was an easy ticket the morning they went on sale … as well as the wed Yonder show. Yeah, it’s difficult to hit everything from start to finish. I normally need a little break each day.

I was looking at the daily line-up trying to figure out when I could take a break, and I’m stumped. If I can manage to sleep in until the first band every day, I might make it, but the broiling sun usually forces me out of the tent by 8. Ouch…

Still haven’t heard anything on the lottery. I’m hoping that’s good news!

Personally, I’d have difficult time functioning on 6 hours of sleep per day without a nap somewhere. Maybe it’s something you’ll just have to listen to your body & roll with it accordingly … as it might turn out to be a quality vs. quanity tradeoff. Lack of sleep is easily the #1 culprit I need to look out for on any multi-day festival or run of shows. Regardless, good luck on the lottery!