How is Warner anyway?

I just got tickets to camp in Warner, which I have not done before. Anyone have pros and cons to share? We might have the alternative of Mary E, where we usually camp with our kids. But Warner proximity is enticing… is it a really loud party atmosphere?

I wouldn’t say Warner is anymore party all night than the other campgrounds with the exception of Town Park which absolutely does go all night long. Warner is awesome. Close to the entrance and can hear the set from you tent. Flat ground. Next to real bathrooms. Next to the party in Town Park and all the festivities it offers. Not the worst place to be. You will love it and have a great time there. Tip - try to get away from the pool entrance as the doors to the bathroom are loud and slam shut all night. Wasn’t a deal breaker when we camped there and was nice being close to the path and bathroom but yeah

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