How early do I need to get to Townpark Camping?

Hi all! Telluride newb. How early do I need to get to Townpark camp ground? most of those in my group work for a hospital or are flying in and the earliest we can get there is probably mid day/afternoon on wednesday. Will there be any good spots left by then?

Thank you!


You will be able to find a spot, but probably not a good one, depending on what you consider a good spot. If you have a group, it may be hard to find a large spot if you are looking to pitch several tents close together. You might be able to find something in the far back meadow, but that is still far from guaranteed to find a larger spot after Tuesday. If you are just pitching a single tent it’s a bit easier to squeeze in somewhere.

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Exactly what Kmurph said. Also, there’s fun events planned the entire week before the festival starts, including lots of jams, and a few bands playing in Town Park. These events start happening on Saturday when TP opens. Most people also like to have some sort of shade/rain shelter for hanging out in camp, if your group will have more than two tents and shelter you’d probably want to come Monday or Tuesday at least to secure that much space. Otherwise you probably won’t find much space all together, that is flat, or not right next to the porta potties! Some folks come early, set up tents and return later. Also for those arriving after Monday or Tuesday you’ll also most likely be sent to park up in MTN Village, which is a 20 minute drive, and Gondola ride back to town.

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I will also throw this out there, just as an option… If you aren’t getting there until Wednesday, Warner Field might be a better option, since it doesn’t even open until Wednesday. The biggest advantage of Town Park is that the camping opens on Saturday, so you can arrive earlier. Warner is right at the gates to the festival, can hear the music perfectly, and is right next to the poolhouse bathrooms and showers. Town Park has a more campy feel with a somewhat more traditional camping experience, which is great, but getting there on Wednesday may have you in a spot where you don’t actually get those benefits… like next to a bunch of porta potties or other not so great location. And Warner still has access to everything in Town Park, and you will be inside the festival for most of your stay anyway. So if you want to keep your group all together, you may have better luck doing that with Warner tickets. I know there are probably a decent number of campers holding Warner passes who were really hoping to arrive on Saturday, so would much prefer Town Park and would be happy to make that even up trade if you wanted to do that…


Welcome to the madness Jessdart! Where are you flying in from? Keep in mind the town of Telluride is at 8950’ and it is a good idea to acclimate before festivate if there is any way you can come sooner. As far as camping, is someone driving there with your gear who could secure a spot? Are the ones flying in getting a rental car or a shuttle to drop you and all your gear? That could make a difference.


I have a single Warner Field pass that I’m looking to trade for a Town Park pass if anyone comes across this and is interested DM me! or text me — 704-576-3165

@Jessdart - I have 4 Warner Field tickets that I’d be happy trade you for 4 Town Park Passes. I would agree it would likely be better for your group to have Warner for a Wednesday arrival.



Hey there! I actually live in Colorado! Wooo! But I work at the ER and truly people from out of state don’t understand the realness of altitude sickness. So I appreciate you spreading the awareness:)

And yes I’m actually thinking we have a friend who can get there early to set up!! Woo hoo! If not, I got an extra day off and can now get there Tuesday if I need:)


Not interested thanks!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough reply :star_struck: I was just able to get a shift trade and now can head up early Tuesday. Also have a friend who may be able to get up there Monday or Sunday to set up for us. I greatly appreciate all your advice! Anything else big that a newbie should know??

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Woo! Was able to get a shift trade and now can get there Tuesday early! Thanks for the thoughtful advice!! Any other things that weren’t mentioned in that newbie thread that I should know??

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Smile and wave, meet everyone you see, drink a crunchy frog, and if your coming Tuesday get there before noon and participate in the Beer Share at the waterfall, or Tot’s at 10:30am, and Fish Fry after Beer!
You are definitely doing it right getting there early, and be prepared for fun fun fun!


The newbie thread has a ton of info and most of the things you need to know. Getting there Tueaday you should be able to tarp out some space for your group. The earlier you get there on Tuesday, the better. There is usually still some space big enough for multiple tents in the meadow of the primitive area. The river runs by there and it’s not bad. Bring an easy up sunshade, or two if your group is more than 5-6 people. :slight_smile:

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@BluGrassFan Hey, still interested in doing a 4x Warner/Town Park swap?

@Bobconthree Hi! We’re set on using the Warner Field tickets. I would’ve needed some time to plan and make it to the Land Rush a Town Park swap. Thanks for checking though!


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