How does single day tickets work for parking situation..have baby!

Hi there!
This our second time to Rockygrass but last time we camped. How does it work for single day passes as far as parking goes? We have a fair amount to carry as we now have a 1 year old with us. Is there a way my husband can pull up and drop me and the baby off with us stuff while he parks?
Any help at all great appreciated!
April :wave

Sure. You could park at Bohn and pay $5 and take the free shuttle to the venue.

Could we unload at entrance or just park there and take everything on shuttle? Does the shuttle run back and forth throughout the day?
Thanks so much for all the info!

I’m not sure if they would let you unload at the entrance to the festival site. There’s not much room there. It’s really easy to park at Bohn and take the shuttle. It runs pretty frequently all day/all night.

Not a long walk either - lots of folks put their kids in a wagon or ride bikes with a trailer

OK great! So it sounds like Bohn is the best option. thanks!

Yep, we usually walk, but I think the pedestrian bridges over the river are out of commission this year.

From experience, you can definitely park at Bohn and pay the $5 and take the shuttle. (It’s a school bus.) Just keep in mind how you might get your stroller and all your stuff on the bus. In my experience, it takes a little bit of planning and definitely 2 adults–one to get the baby and maybe the diaper bag, one to collapse the stroller and bring everything else (chairs, cooler, etc). Wearing the baby in a carrier is probably easier than the stroller but a stroller is so nice inside the festival (for naps, etc). Any which way, you’re going to have fun!

Don’t worry. Fellow festivarians will help you get squared away on the bus. It’s easy. The bus comes by and you get on- that’s where it all begins!

Awesome thanks so much! Life is so different with a baby its great to have all the inside scoop before hand.
See ya there!

Agree with the 2 adult recommendation. Parking should be too much of a hassle.

I remember hitting RG w/ my 1 year old some years back. It’s definitely a different experience. I got some good use out of my little sun tent I pitched way in the back for my sons naps. You may not be as immersed in the music - but I found myself meeting folks I never would have with kiddo in tow.

Like we’ve always said…once you start hauling the kids to the festivals, you have to remember whose festival it is (hint: Not Yours).

As long as you remember that, you’ll be fine :lol

LOL yea I just said last night…as long as he (my son) is having a good time it will all be fine.

My kiddo is super excited this year. I think this will be his 3rd Rockygrass, but his first time camping. Woohoo!

Hey April,

When my kiddos were little we parked across the street from the planet at the tire shop for $65 for the weekend or a smaller amount for one day. It was so much easier to haul all the crap…