How does Lavern Johnson vehicle camping work?

Is there a benefit to lining up early for vehicle camping? It says that the staff will be directing you where to park according to your spot in line so are the first ones in line directed to the better spots? Do they fill up the parking lot or side road first? It’s my first time doing vehicle camping so any info would help!


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Hi, some spots do get tree shade from the handful of landscaped parking islands and folks may not want to setup by the portalets. Staff will let a group of vehicles in at a time since most will have to drive to the end and turn around to back their trailer in plus the walk-in tent site folks are heading to their spots on foot as well. The side road (north of the soccer field) is filled first with the diagonal spots. I’ve only seen other campers parked in the day use lot last year.

Have fun, its a great festival!


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