How come not until November?

Was wondering why the instructor list doesn’t get posted until November or Mid December? Would be great to get even a partial list beforehand… I’m pretty sure it’s a PlanetBluegrass Policy but as Tom Petty would say, “The waiting is the hardest part” :slight_smile: :wave

We have to have some time to figure out who they are. :lol

Can ya give us a hint??? laughing… come on DUSTIN… :eek

I’m sorry, StarryNightDiva, I didn’t mean to offend. :flower

I just found it a bit funny that you gave us basically 2 weeks after the festival season to get next year’s Academy booked. :wink:

I believe that the preliminary announcement of instructors is heading your way this week…

There is a new page up… though, woefully empty at the moment…

Announcements coming by friday!!!

We just posted the preliminary instructor announcement…,16846.0.html

Woo - hoo…!!!
Travelin’ McCoury’s AND Kruger Bros again :rollin
That extended moment in 2011 when KB played Beautiful Nothing during RGA was unfreakingbelievable!

Thanks Planet - you’ve done it again! Can’t wait! :medal :medal

I agree Ann,
It brought a tear to my eye…

It was one of my most memorable moments…

Hi Dustin ~ :flower No offense taken ~ I’m sorry, I will still on a high… Have to say that it’s SO FLIPPEN hard to get back to work and come back to reality, as the Planet and the Academy is like a dream, a beatiful lovely dream… I wasn’t really prepared at lottery time, SO - when might their be openings in the intermediate class, April 1st right? or the Building Class ?? - the idea of not coming to the academy after getting in the last two AMAZING years has left me kind of at a loss so to speak ~ I now know how all the folks who don’t get in feel like and what a blessing it is when you do ~ … Let me know, thanks.

IF (and it’s always a pretty big if) any spots become available, it won’t be till mid April or so…

You should look into The Song School. I think you’d really enjoy that too. :flower