How About those Carolina Chocolate Drops!

I had heard so much about the CCD’s from folks that saw them at Rockygrass and Melefest, but WOW! They still blew me away!!!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I am one of those people who talked about them after seeing them several times at Merlefest and also at RockyGrass…and I will double your WOW and raise you an “AMAZING”


They were my absolute fave as well…

:lol I fold… You Win, LuAnna! :lol

Hope… come on, that was not at folding point… you must have had an AWESOME up your sleeve.

i agree w/ both of you! I loved their performance and hope they come back next year! :thumbsup

I love the Drops. They’re not just fantastic musicians and entertainers, but what they’re doing is musically and culturally significant. No one else is working as hard as they are to preserve and even expand the small and unique slice of the American musical heritage which they perform.

And they made it a community event by encouraging our participation in their set…a superb example of musical inclusiveness! They brought the house down at RG, and it was exhilarating to see it happen again at TBF!

O.K. - you called my bluff…

They were FABULOUS!!! :thumbsup


:thumbsup :thumbsup :cheers

here is a great older chocolate drops show!!!

:thumbsup I really liked their sound. Truely a reflection of how it was done way in the day.

I thougt the TBF stage morphed them a tad.

What a big stage to fill…(IMO)