Houston Jones

I just want to share my excitement that “Houston Jones” will be preforming at the festival. If you get a chance to see them I highly reccomend that you do so. They are AWESOME!!! I have become a true “Houston Jones Groupie” over the last couple of years. I see them almost monthly at our local pub in Alameda, Ca. and have traveled around the state to see them at six different venues. I have never been dissappointed and neither will you.

I’m really sorry I can’t make it to Telluride this year. Not only is it a great ‘get’ for Houston Jones, but it’s a great ‘get’ for Telluride. For those ‘Houston Jones Virgins,’ I say don’t miss them whenever you can get a chance to hear them - great vocals (yay, Travis), great instruments (all the guys) and great songwriting!

I have been an avid listener to all kinds of live music for several decades, but not until I stumbled across Houston Jones did I become a true “groupie”. I have heard them in a number of venues in northern California, and last year I heard them getting rave reviews at the Folk Music Festival in Sisters, Oregon (a festival which I highly recommend to all folk music lovers). My only regret is that one day I am sure I will no longer be able to hear my favorite band in small, intimate venues. Don’t miss them in Telluride, you who are lucky enough to be there!

y’know… that is the way i felt when i first heard The Waybacks and now I go all over the place just to hear them… and along the way, I heard Houston Jones and …no surprise… I was liking their stuff, too. Don’t worry… there are plenty of people at Telluride and they will be heard! I am seeing all sorts of threads being started about this and really just want to assure you that with about 15,0000 hanging out each day to hear music, there will be people show up at their gigs. I for one plan to drag a whole pile of people up the mountain to hear them Friday night and if there isn’t one of those terrible shedule conflicts, I plan on going down to Elk Park, too.

Please come and introduce yourselves to me at Elk Park. I love to meet new festivarians. I look just like my avatar except for no skinny body!


:wave These guys are acquaintances from the original Wayback Days. I’m trying to coordinate some late night pickin in the large tent in front of the Run A Muck kitchen next to town hall.

Stay tuned!

I leave in just 3 or 4 days!


Ya Know, we’re not playing till 11pm on friday night - we’d love to come over with the whole band and do a set for you, if it doesn’t get in the way of the Stringduster’s set??? why don’t you let me know if that’s a possibility, and what time you might want us and I’ll float the idea past the boys in the band. We’d probably need to be done by 9 or so to get back up to Mountain Village for our show…and did someone say free food and beer for Houston Jones? Ah, you sure do know the way to our hearts.



I think what Jerry was talking about was REAL late night…after the main stage closes. Of coaurse if you are going to be in Telluride prior to the start of the festival that would be even better! A nice Wednesday night warm up!

I know… I’m dreamin’


If you’re going to Telluride, do not miss Houston Jones! They will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart with original music performed by some of the best musicians (and vocalist) you’ll ever hear. If you don’t go away humming “Calico Heart,” you weren’t paying attention! I’m sorry I cannot be there.

Landshark, they are up at Mountain village… which means a lovely gondola ride at night. i am sure I will go up Thursday night. so maybe wa bunch of us could meet up and head up together.


If you like the Waybacks, you will like Houston Jones.

Peter Tucker, in my estimation a drummer without parallel, was the original waback drummer, and is the pulsing soul of Houston Jones.

Kris Key, also an original Wabe, is a remarkable song writer, and plays a mean bass.

Glenn Houston, fabulous guitarist, upside down and backwards— amazing chops with great musicallity.

Chojo Jacques on fiddle, mando and others was one of the real reasons that the Waybacks became the great band they are. Chojo takes things into a new dimension. Always pushing into new directions. He plays with HJ now and brings a excitement not to be missed.

And Travis Jones!!! What a voice. Blue eyed soul and more. (a hint, watch out for him, he might steal your girl!)

They are to be heard.

Clark in Palo Alto California