Houston Festivarians???

Are there any fellow Houstonians attending TBG this year? I know there have to be some, I see you at Houston shows!!

YUP sure is Say Hi

And again

and again?

I was there last year for a week. Maybe again this year but for sure going to Rocky Grass 2018.

You from houston?

yep :wave

Heck yea! :cheers
What part?

We are from Houston. After 37 years of festivals 2019 will be our first TB.
Camping at Warner Field. You can find us out and about at live music venues
4 or 5 times a month. This years Old Settlers Festival looks great. Major problem,
its the same weekend as Baton Rouge Blues Festival which we do every year.
Will wait on Baton Rouge Blues lineup before deciding.

I’m Houston too! First time at Telluride. Camping at Mary Ilium.

Mary E is a wonderful spot with some of the coolest breakout Jam sessions you’re going to have a blast

Hey Fred glad to hear your heading up to the box canyon.
It’s an amazing place

I’m up in plantersville (TexRenFest)

If for some reason you decide to not go I’d love chance at passes.
:slight_smile: we have been hunting since nov.
By all means I much would rather a few Houstonians experience something as amazing as this but if you do sell them please call or text me. If not find us when you get there and I’ll share a dozen yrs of pointers that may prove helpful.