House/Catsitter needed in Lyons during Rockygrass

Hey festivarians, unfortunately I won’t be around this year for Rockygrass because I’m going back East to see mom. However, my house and cats will stay in Lyons :flower. I’m looking for an individual or couple who needs/wants a free place to stay and who will take care of my cats and also make sure my garden doesn’t dry up and die (and, yes, you can eat the veggies out of it). I would like someone who needs a place for the entire Academy and festival and who will definitely take care of my kitties (let the out in the morning & bring them in at night and empty the poo out of the cat box). My house is awesome, on Boulder County Open Space, has a wonderful front porch for playing music, and is within walking distance from town and the Planet. If you’re really interested and promise to take care of my kitties, you can stay at my house for free. Please respond to this query with your email or phone, and I’ll contact you. Thanks. -Lizzy

Hi Brandi,

We would love to watch your house during the festival while you are on vacation. My son is doing the music academy so we will be in town all week and then some. I just lost my most amazing cat a few years ago (at age 19!) and still have three dogs, two guinea pigs and fish so we are well aware of the needs of our four legged (and gilled!) friends. We are currently set up for Meadow Park so can can easily backfill any time by staying there while you are still in town. Just let me know if you are interested and we can touch base to be sure you are comfortable with having us in your space while you are gone.