House Band

Does anyone know what the first (maybe second) tune was that the house band played ?

It sounded alot like The Look Of Love by ABC. Or maybe I imagined it :cheers

Better still anyone got a tape ?

Hi Mark! There will be recordings out pretty soon I’d bet.

Hey Hooch, hows reality going ?

It totally blows. But Rockygrass is coming soon. You oughta come!

If only reality was that flexible.

Recording is up on I don’t know the name of the first tune. The second tune was Unfolding.

I fired off an e-mail and this was the response…

Steamboat Whistle Blues/Forked Deer
Coming Back But I Don’t Know When
Symphony Hall Rag
Hold What You Got
Patrick meets the brickbats
Hot Tamales and Red Hots
bela banjo tune (start on E-)
Sitting Alone in the Moonlight
Are you missing me
Hamilton County Breakdown
Luke’s f fiddle tune
Hey the train

How Mountain Girls Can Love

This was the printed set list… I think they mixed it up a bit.[/b]

The House Band actually did a second encore…

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green