:hop :hop

Ya-hooo! This is great :clap :sunshine :deer

suckin’ away here! I am so glad I can torrent at work! I’ll be listening on the way home. This show was so much fun!

I wish I could torrent period! On wireless w/ no peer-2-peer access :frowning: Someone up this sucker to or send me a copy :vibes

I wish I understood all this on these tapers sites, but I just get a headache when I try to read it all and more confused than ever. :huh :bash Is there anyone out there that I can send some blank cd’s to for copies? I would be happy to pay for your time, cuz I spend waaaaaaaaaaaay too much of mine trying to figure this out. :huh I just desire good music! :band
It’s like being a kid at the window of the candy store but the store is closed.
Please help the technologically challenged. It will bring you really good karma. :flower

Hey I’m old. To me a bit is what you put in the horses’s mouth, and a torrent is what happens when I decide to go hiking in July. :rolleyes

Tell ya what Cindy Lou. If someone will B&P this show for me I’ll gladly send you a copy for free :smiley:

Well that’s so nice! And now will you tell me what B and P means?

Blank & Postage :flower

I can always make copies of taper-friendly artists for blanks and postage. My stuff shouldn’t be anywhere near the quality of the people who usually post shows, so it’s usually worth waiting for theirs.

Gawd Im Hating this whole Flac Thang …guess im gonna have to do it Sober !

Heya Ron n Deb…if yall need help just let me know…I’m always glad to help out. And if you’d rather just send me a pack of blanks…and return postage, I’ll burn all that you want!


Hey Ron

Installing and learning how to use bittorrent, flac, and an FTP browser is a bit of a hassle, but not really that hard. It pays off in spades though, there’s great music being offered all the time in these formats (ftp or bittorrent). Also keep an eye on and

If you need help with any of these message me and I’ll help you out. Good luck!