hoping to make it

OK, so I’m bummed that I couldn’t make it last year and this year is still kind of iffy. Mostly do to $$$$$. So please keep your fingers crossed for me as I need a miracle and a Telluride fix.

Sending lots of good vibes and hope that you’ll be joining us!!

My brother and his girlfriend couldn’t afford tickets this year, so They’re volunteering. I’m not sure if you can still sign up, but it could be something to think about for next year :thumbsup

that’s a thought, but I need to be w/ the family in Townpark…hmmmm :bag

I’m volunteering as well… I got my TP pass in the lotto but upon completion of my shifts, the Planet will be reimbursing the cost of my four day pass (not the camping portion, of course). You’ve got nothing to lose by shooting Cindy (volunteer coordinator) a message… Last year, I got a phone call at the VERY last minute (monday before fest) due to another volunteer not being able to fulfill her shift. You never know, Cindy might not have a waiting list yet!! Certainly can’t hurt to try… :flower

I’ll give it a shot

Hope it works out for you :wink:

Joey - you gotta get here YOU SOOO NEED THIS! :pipe2. Maybe we can take up a donation to get you here. We can find a TP pass if you need it - but if the donations or livin on plastic is too much, then again you can always ABGAT and just stay in TP until Thursday morning (still make Rumballs :cheers and camp out in the Forest. You can’t miss two years in a row - its sacrelig!

WOW!!! :thumbsup

Joey …check you Msgs and call my Ass

Seeya in Town Park …Brother !

You’re the best Ron!!! Peace!

I take it that Ron’s ass had good news for ya, eh Joey??
Can’t wait to meetcha in TP!
~ Are we there yet??

Ron - you are the best!!! You ROCK :rock I love this family and how we all look out for each other :dance and I can’t wait to see you all!

Much love to yall too!
now We need 3 more Vehicle Passes ???

Bruillier …Bruiller ??

… You mean Bueller… Bueller??

~ Just given you a lil shit, Ron… I know you love it!!

yeah that too !

I want to thank everyone for the good vibes and looking out for me…You all are the greatest…Even Ron’s ass!!! LOL :pipe2

:lol :lol
… Fry?.. Fry?..
you guys are the best
i cant wait to meet every one!!!