HOORAY! New Tarp Line policy for TP & WF!

WOW! Now Town Park & Warner Field campers get to SLEEP IN and/or enjoy a leisurely breakfast!

I just got word from the Planet that we will NOT have to wake up and stand in line every morning in order to get our tarp line numbers. Instead we will get them the day before every run by getting out wristbands scanned at the box office from 1pm until 6pm (until 10pm on Wednesday). If you miss any of those windows, you’ll still be able to get a number by getting your wristband scanned at the Town Park Camp Gate from 7:30 until 8 am on the morning of the run (personally I’ll be sleeping!).

This means that we will all still need to grab a TOTALLY RANDOM number every day, but we get to do it at our leisure. Tha actual line-up will still begin 30 minutes prior to each day’s Tarp Run.

As for now, this only applies to TP & WF, but the Planet peeps are trying to come up with something similar for the in-town line.

This is really fantastic news for us sleep-deprived latenight pickers and Nightgrass attendees. A big Festivarian thank you to Zach Tucker at PB for getting this all arranged.



This is great news! I doubt it will help me improve my mediocre luck with line numbers in recent years, but at least I won’t have to get in line to freeze my butt off early in the morning to get those mediocre numbers!

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Oh wow this is awesome. Thanks for pushing for this, John. And thank you to PB for listening!!!

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Best news.

I know it’s good news but I have to admit I love the line up in pyjamas and hangovers bit too……will miss seeing some of you rascals at 7am but yeah, sleep is goooooood

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Good. To be honest, I never understood the zero-dawn-ugly policy, except as some sort of loyalty test.

As a parent of little ones, who was no longer young himself, I had to give it up because it was just too brutal. The policy rewards the kiddos who get their number, send one person with a tarp, then go back to bed and skip the first two acts and then sleep through the next two on their tarps… :wink:

FWIW: it would be quite easy to issue a random number with the wristbands and be done with it for the weekend.

There’s still reasons to gather around that Duk Tape coffee pot!


Awesome! @geoffw is this true? How about the town line?

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Hello- understanding this new tarp line policy covers only the TP & WF folks (for now)- can I get some newbie advice and confirmation for the in-town line? We land in Grand Junction @ noon Wednesday and driving down.
The way I understand it:

  • You won’t be allowed to start lining up in the In Town line any earlier than 5pm the previous day(?)
  • They hand out the tarp line tickets in this same line at…what time in the morning?
  • The tarp run begins at…what time?
    So my questions:
  1. If I’m coming with a group of four incl myself- can we switch in and out of our place in line and still hold our place? ie: someone get some sleep and spell the next person a few hours later?
  2. At the time of the tarp run, can I assume that only one person from the group needs to run and claim the spot- then everyone else can come in once the rush has died down & bring in the chairs etc?

Been awhile since I lined up on the town side, but I can answer most of this. The primary thing is that only one person will need a number to run your tarp in, so as long as they are in line when numbers are passed out, everyone else in your crew can join after the rush. If you tag out with a buddy from your group but only keep one person in the line, you should be fine.

The timing will depend on the day - gates tend to open at 10 on Thursday and Sunday, 9 on Friday and Saturday (if I recall correctly). They will come around sometime early in the morning (depending on their schedule and how the line is looking) to pass out numbers to everyone in line. At that point, many people take a break to clean up or fuel up. Anyone who joins the line after the numbers are passed out will have their place in the regular entry line.

Hope that helps!

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That does help- very much appreciated! Just for clarity about the time between getting your number and the time the gates open for the tarp run- and only because I thought I’ve been reading conflicting things. Your saying once we get that number we can leave the line and return to line back up before the run. But I thought I’ve also read that they are telling folks to stay in line even once they receive that number all the way up to the time the gates open.

First off, don’t worry, it’s all pretty chilled on the day! You will be able to confirm everything when you’re there but yes my understanding is once you’ve got your number you can head off back to your friends, coffee etc You come back in time for the run and you’re allowed entry based on your number.

And remember - it’s funny and fun and it doesn’t matter all that much in the end cause we tarp hop all day saying hello and catching up. People are super friendly and welcoming about sharing tarps. Welcome.


Thank you- I appreciate it. Just squaring that up with this line from the Planet Bluegrass sites Tarp Line Policy:
*” Even after receiving your number, you must stay in line - reasonable bathroom/coffee breaks aside.“
I do appreciate the feedback.

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Reasonable coffee and bathroom breaks gives you lots of leeway. What they don’t want is your wandering off and coming back when the tarp run is on and getting out of order.i promise you, it’s very fun ( always a bit chaotic) there are people running in chicken suits, as dinosaurs etc music, cheering, clapping it’s a great tradition, you will have a blast :blush::blush::blush:

So, some questions on details for the TP/WF side: are they still handing out paper number cards?

*You go to scan your wristband at the designated time on the day before…
*Do they hand you the little laminated square of paper with a number on it, or is your number somehow tied to your wristband?

I really really really hope they are still handing out physical number cards, or this process is going to be really hard, because you won’t be able to swap numbers with your camp! For example, I always get a number, but my husband runs the tarp—if my number is lower than his, we swap. I just had major surgery a couple of weeks ago and I won’t be able to run, no matter how low my number is, if I can’t swap it!

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