HOOCH, Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday, brother.

:cake :bday

Here’s hoping your day was filled with crunchy, horned toads and frogs. :drunk :drunk


Hey, thanks Billy! I could not do Crunchy Frog for my birthday because it fell on a Sunday. And anyone who has tried Crunchy Frog knows that there is a 3-day recovery time afterwards. Since I had to be at work today it would not have been prudent at this juncture.

Thanks also to everyone who emailed me yesterday.

Yo Brother,

:cheers :cheers HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY :cheers :cheers

Hey my Utarpian brother! Happy birthday (belated)! :cheers:

Best save up the crunchy frog, I’m starting to get thirsty.

See you in a little over 100 days :thumbsup

Doc Mike

“Crunchy Frog”?! :eek


(I couldn’t find the barfing-smiley…)

Happy Belated!! :wave




Thanks, Tom!!

Here’s a few more…

I like that this little guy went with ATTITUDE! See how the right arm is place on the hip! That’s just like our Hooch! :lol 39? You’re just hitting your prime, Man! :pipe2

Happy Belated Hooch!

Auntie Hope :pickin

The puking emoticons totally rock! Thanks Tom!

Happy belated, buddy. :cheers

I added the puking emoticon for your b-day, since you seemed to like it so much. :hooch

weirdo. :lol

Another birthday!? happy birthday HOOCH!!!

I hope those images are waaaaaaay far out of my memory by the time my next triple shot of CF hits my hands . . . that is horrifyingly ICKY!! Actually, it would look kind of cool as a lable on your bottles, brett. “don’t look like this, drink Crunchy Frog!”. ok, that was lame.

so i was out walking the dog this morning and felt this crunch under my sandals; looking down there was a small old dried up dead frog in pieces. uuuugh.

had to come back home and take several deep breaths before returning my regularly scheduled program.

oh ----- it’s your birthday???

Happy Happy


Bottoms up, brother Hooch!!

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

Happy Birthday

That makes you a little more than 5 weeks younger than me. :slight_smile:

Hey Mitch!! Almost the same age, eh? We still look gooooood!

I like to think so. Mine was Jan 25. Think I’ll have to stay 39 from now on though :slight_smile:

:wave :wave :cheers :eek :eek
:wave :wave :flower :flower :eek :eek
:wave :wave :flower :wink: :eek :eek
:wave :lol :wave :flower :evil :eek :medal :medal :eek
:wave :wave :cheers :eek :eek
:wave :wave :flower :flower :eek :eek
:wave :wave :flower :wink: :eek :eek
:wave :wave :flower :evil :eek :eek

Happy Birthday Hooch



No reason for a post… I just felt like puking.

(That’s a clever name of the smiley, BTW… it’s called “Hooch”!)