Holy mother of pearl...check this out.

The Festival Tapes

simply awesome.

:thumbsup Oh my my! That is fantastic! :clap :clap
This brings back sooooooooo many wonderful memories. I know I told some youngins and festivirgins in ‘07 about the early days and John Hartford dancing on that board, but to actually see him again is wonderful. I remember him, and Sam, and Tim and Nick, and John and Leon and all those guys. And Norman Blake! My gosh I forgot how good he was. :pickin
The 8th was in 1981, but we all still look like we’re stuck in the 70’s! haha :festivarian
If ya’ll look real close, you’ll see me in there. :talk Ah the good ol’ days, but you know what? They’re all good ol’ days when you’re in Telluride listening to …
And the best ones are still to come :wink:
You made an old lady cry, but it’s tears of pure joy. :hop :hop
:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :rollin :rollin

Well that was just down right delightful! Goosebumps all the way to the top of my head on the mountain shot during Circle and John Hartford’s happy feet are keep me smiling for days. Thanks Dustin!

:clap :clap :clap

For your weekend viewing pleasure.


Here’s a few more. It’s a preview of what I’m putting on my website, but I want to have it tested before I make my changes.

Flash video:
Bluegrass Sessions - Strawberry 1999
Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Bryon Sutton, Gabe Witcher, Mark Shatz

Hide and Go Seek

You Know I Love You


Leather Britches

Polka on the Banjo

Salty Dog

Same Old River


You may need a high speed connection, but if the video pauses the first time try playing the chached file again.

Let me know if they need to be fixed before I make the permanent change to my site. :cheers


Polka On The Banjo works great!

If you’re taking requests… Clarinet Polka… please. :flower

Auntie Hope :pickin

Is that one on the Bluegrass Sessions I sent you?
I don’t remember it, so I may not have it. :flower

Here’s a few more for your viewing pleasure:

John Hiatt - FAT Fry - Aptos, CA 1997

Cry Love

Have a Little Faith in Me

Thing Called Love


OK Tom here goes…

I’ve been watching the upload process and honor you for the effort. My biggest issue with the videos is that they stall frequently, even with my high speed wireless connection. I konwo the problem is on my end as my radio is truly on the fringe of the network.

So here is my question??? Is there any way you can give us a download buffer on the upside? Your videos are only part of the problem for me as I frequently have to allow the more band intensive streaming items cache before I can let them play.

I am working with the service provider with creative antenna solutions but the bottom line is my location is just our there on the fringe … That’s what I get get for living on the fault line.

:cheers :cheers :cheers

Do they all stall, or just some of them?
I have made some changes to the way some were created, and they seem to work better with my connection.
Some of them were from the original creation, and I may have to re-do them.
If you let it play through and then play it a second time then the cached file should play without stalling. Let me know off list. :flower

I gotta love you for living your life “off the grid”
and brother the Tech has come a long way !!
but it still needs to grow further …keep the faith

once you have it perfect let me know …we wanna be soooooooooo off the Grid !
:cheers :cheers :festivarian :drive :festivarian :cheers :cheers

Oh Great just noticed the Fault Line thing …
so if the Big One Hits …One of my brothers is dead …
Dude Move to New Mexico !!!


But I like it here just fine Ron… There’s no power lines obstructing my viewshed which means there is no power lines to fall on me when the big one hits :thumbsup I have an emergency stash in my closet that will allow me to be independent for at least 10 days without outside services. The cabin is about 60 feet above sea level, safe from Tsunami and I have a large defensible space in case of fire. If the cabin doesn’t fall down, I’ll be just fine. Plus I am on the local disaster council and even have radios to call in help if ther’s big trouble here.

I chose the off the grid lifestyle about 25 years ago, it’s just now becoming a reality. Keep the faith brother you’ll be able to do it too, maybe sooner than you think.

Back to the topic… Tom… I suspect there is packet loss on my wireless connection that forces the video stream to rebuffer so much that it stalls. We are dealing with some pretty high frequencies here… way up in the 2.4 gigahertz range, they react strangely too many things. My access point is about five miles away (by Crow air), 1000 feet higher, and crosses an intertidal waterway. I’ll test your videos on my network at work this evening, it is hard wired to cable on a wireless LAN. The event this evening is more one that simply needs babyitting so I’ll have the time to spend watching.

Hope you are all having an amazing day.


If you say so Bro …But you know when the Big One Hits … New Mexico is gonna be Ocean front …lol
:cheers :cheers

Its rumbling in Cali!

Uh, Jerry… Did the wire coat hanger work as the ‘off the grid’ booster?

Auntie Hope :pickin :green