History: John Hartford @ Telluride ?

I’ve heard some recordings of ‘the goodle days’ when Hartford was still gracing the stage at telluride, I was just curious how often he was there, was it annual thing? only a few years…
I should know this, but I don’t. Guess I was wondering if there was any love for the Hartford at the festivals these days, memories, covers, maybe a good ‘yeaaaaahh’ now & again.

sure wish I could have seen those days, perhaps a few of you around here have…
any stories? :cheers

I know I posted at least one memory in the What are your greatest TBF memories thread.
If you go to the Planet Bluegrass site you can browse through the lineup archives to see how many times he’s been there and when.
He was always a treat to watch, and I for one miss him a great deal. :flower

I would wager that there are few places where Mr. Hartford gets more respect than on the Planet Bluegrass stages. The love is in the sir - still - and will always be there.

And yes, I was lucky enough to see him in Telluride a few times - '91, '93, '98 I think. But the memories are fairly fuzzy, even those as recent as '98.

one of the best set’s i’ve ever been luckey enough to see at tbf was the tribute set done for him. If memory serves, it was just a few weeks after he died (2001 anyone?), and a whole heap of “friends” played a 30 min or so set of all john tunes.

think it went something like this


Steemboat whistle blues
on the Road
Gentle on my mind

I remember tim singing Gentle, just about tore my heart out. one of the most heartfelt set’s of music i’ve ever seen…


Kim (Ilovethelorax) posted a great clip awhile back. NOt sure exactly where it is posted though.

On my wall.


Bela’s story about Boogie that set was hilarious. He had the record going for his parents and grandparents, remembered at the last moment that the song was coming on and literally dived across the room to hit the needle to stop the song.

My best memory was in '91, my first festival, and the long line of dancing people that snaked all around the crowd. Waves of Telluride magic just swept through me. I knew I’d be coming back for the rest of my life. :cheers

That is a beautiful photograph John. Was it taken in Telluride? By you?

In the past two years I have been on a mission to listen to every John Hartford song ever played/recorded. What I realized within the first three days of my quest, was almost every song that attracted me to a certain bluegrass band was a John Hartford original. Unfortunately, I missed out on ever seeing a live show for myself, but I get to experience him at almost every other show, through the conduit of some great bands.

From the “What are your best TBF memories” section of the board…

that ‘nod’ & smile said a lot, considering it’s just a moment in time, but a memory forever, shared by you & mr hartford alone.

Thanks for sharing the memories EVERYONE, it’s been great to read them & imagine the festival as it was then.

I’ll send emails back to those who emailed me, just gimme a minute :stuck_out_tongue:
not sure where i found the link, so it may be a repost, but check out the oldschool festival tapes 7.0 bluegrass sampler, features john w/ some SWEET toe tappin plywood action.
he’s walking through the audience as well!
The Festival Tapes 7.0

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it is from the stage, taken by Ingrid L, back in 83

Born December 30, 1937, died June 4, 2001
But did ya’ll know his name was John Cowan Hartford? (originally Harford)
I was very lucky to see him many times at Telluride. I was there the year Tom is talking about, and there was a little kid with a little tiny fiddle and John stopped walking and played fiddle with the little kid, who by now is probably about 19 or 20. Kid, are you out there? He was probably too little to even remember it.

John Cowan HaRford originally (no “T”)… and id say hes probably one of the most covered musicians in the progressive bluegrass scene. unfortunately some of the covers dont quite do him justice-- but youd have a hard time getting through a (new) bluegrass band’s show these days without coming across one, although a lot of people there might not recognize the source. still, good to know the newer bands are paying their respects

yes I did know that about Harford. I just think it’s a funny coincidence that his middle name is Cowan. :wink:
Chet Atkins is the one who got him to change Harford to Hartford.

P.S. love the steal your face cake :medal

I saw him the first time in '76.
Then it was every year or two up through '93.
I wish I could have seen the Dillard, Hartford and Dillard ensemble.

1976 was my first time to see him in Telluride too!
What a fun time that was, but the memories are kinda fuzzy these days :abduct

Those memories were kinda fuzzy to start with. :thumbsup

What Memories? I can’t remember :flower


Your memory is the first thing you lose as you age. :flower

I don’t remember what the next thing is… :wink: