Hippy Barthday - ilovethelorax

:wave Hope your day is wonderful dear Kym…


URRRRGHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUU Hippy Barthday :pirate :cake :festivarian

Very Happy Birthday! :dance


Happy BirthDay Goddess Kym
Much love from Us !
:cheers :bday :peace


Thank you, you beautiful people. Can’t wait to squeeze you in June!

Happy birthday, Kym! :cheers

Going to the Avetts at the Crystal?


Oh Me, Oh My! Did I miss your Birthday? Dear, I’m so, so sorry. Oh, how can we take care of this? OH! I know! How about a Birthday Party, belated of course. We could throw this shin-dig at Smuggler’s, in Telluride, you know the place, don’t you? Let me see, I’ll have to start a guest list… Oh, Heck, let’s just invite EVERYBODY! Yes, YES! That’s what we’ll do! Let’s invite EVERYBODY to your Birthday Party. We can call it EVERYBODY’s BIRTHDAY PARTY, but you and I will know it’s just for YOU! :giggle

You pick a date, My Dear. As far as I can see ahead in my datebook, it looks like I just might have the second Monday in June open. How’s about you?

Happy Birthday Kym! :cake

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green