Hippie from Olema show and chat session

Here’s a reminder about Jerry’s streaming radio show …
Tune in and join us in the chat! :thumbsup

I keep meaning to come chat with you guys again, but I keep forgetting. :argh

…someday. :cheers

Can I send you a note to send Tom, as reminder to send a note to Dustin, so he can remember to join the chat next Monday?

(three words: post it note :thumbsup)

Hope Lin :pickin

Here is your very own cut n paste post it note :flower

Stick it on your
forehead right now
Dustin - Hippie Chat
Monday Night


Here’s another reminder for Bluegrass Dustin that the chat will be on tonight.

Jerry’s radio show

Telluride Tom’s chat


Tom! - I sure wish I could figure out how to get in there!

xoxo Rhonny

You might try clearing your cache, cookies, and temp files.
Try Ccleaner to make it easier,
and use the Firefox browser.
Internet Explorer and Safari has problems.

I’ll do my best…tonight may not be a good night for me, unfortunately. :rolleyes

If I can, I’ll be there. :cheers

Not to worry Dustin - there is enough craziness without you :wink: :wink: :wink:

After all monday nights just happen to come once every 7 days :flower


    :clap:hop :hop :woohoo :woohoo :hop :hop :clap

      :hombre :hombre :talk :hombre :hombre

             I just love Monday's!

      :hombre :hombre :talk :hombre :hombre

    :clap :hop :hop :woohoo :woohoo :hop :hop :clap

Dude!! I did that. I downloaded Firefox… all that other stuff gets cleaned up regularly.

I feel sooo left out. I didn’t have a problem this time last year. I wonder what’s up with that?! Did you change something?

xoxo Rhonny

I didn’t change anything, so it must be on your end.
Did you install/change any firewall settings? Anit-virus? Windows updates?
Don’t know what to tell you beyond that. :huh

OK, OK… I guess I AM the business analyst that’s supposed to be able to get down to the bottom of mysteries like this. Where’s Shaggy and Scooby-Doo when you need them?


P.S. Hope Lin? If your PM suggestion works I’m going to need to buy you a present!! xoxo

[quote author=Monkeygirl link=topic=525.msg5854#msg5854 date=1178582884]

I use Firefox, too, and find I have to open the chat room using IE Tab, a free extension that simulates Internet explorer inside Firefox. You can download IE Tab here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419


P.S. Hope Lin? If your PM suggestion works I’m going to need to buy you a present!! xoxo

Just trying to help out another Lovely Goddess. Hope it works!

Hope Lin  :pickin

It is not working as of yet… neither is Dean’s plug in.


What’s the ISP?

I am working… we are an internet-based software company. Firewalls shouldn’t be an issue… haven’t been before. I’m still working on the issue.

<-------- Troubleshooting Monkey

It’s official… everything I’ve tried has not worked. I have one other idea, which involves going to a friend’s house.

The other idea would be for sometime to help me figure out what the manual proxy settings would be.

Any takers?


a little late for this week, but when you click on the chat link, what do you get?