High School Camping


We are 1st timers heading with the kids and are wondering if there are porta johns, water, etc at the hs campground. Any other tidbits/suggestions would be helpful as well.


Just wanted to tack one thing on to this question. Is the no alcohol policy Enforced to the point where your cooler cannot have alcohol in it? Or could I just swing by and grab some beers for my backpack and they just don’t want me drinking them IN the highschool campground?

Are there facilities at the campgrounds?
Campgrounds are equipped with port-o-potties and fresh water. Town Park and Warner Field also have regular bathroom facilities. There are no hookups at any of the campgrounds. Showers are available Thursday thru Monday from 8am to 1pm at the Telluride High School for $4.

Yes, porta johns will be placed @ THS yard. Showers are in the school, so plenty of water available during those hours. Otherwise you should keep enough on hand at your camp. Wonderful, FREE, water on the festfield too. :thumbsup

Nobody is checking coolers, backpacks, or your thermos for that matter, so yes, you can do what you like. Draw no attention, get no attention. No noisy happy hours, or jams, etc. It IS the quiet, family zone, ya know. :peace I liked camping there. An in town place where I actually got some sleep. Now I just skip the sleeping, unless I’m in a line. :wink:

Certainly appears to be little recourse this year for any other approach! :zzz

For those of you who have been to the festival with kids: Would you say High School or M.I. is a better/easier place to camp with kids? Is the festival biking distance from either (for a 4 and 6 year old)? Can you walk to the grocery store from the High School? Will it be a problem to get a space at either place if we won’t be arriving until early Thursday morning? We’re obviously TBF virgins… Thanks!!

High school for sure if you want to bike… It’s in town. Illium is 7 miles away! Grocery store is across the street. There are showers at high school with unlimited hot water for 4.00…