Help! Where should we have our stubhub tickets delivered?

Hi everyone :wave We bought 4 day passes through stubhub. The problem is, we’re coming from PA, and stubhub says UPS wont deliver before 6/14, which is the day we’re set to arrive in Telluride. Does anyone know the best place to have UPS deliver them to? We tried the UPS store in town, but cannot get anyone to answer the phone to confirm that they do, in fact, allow UPS deliveries there.

We appreciate any help. First time coming, and starting to worry a bit.

Hi there,

There are several reasons why we don’t like StubHub or other third party ticket sales companies. They overcharge and by over charging, they’re making a profit, which encourages them to try to buy more of our tickets and make a profit off of them. Then, it causes every festival company to have to increase the face value of each ticket every year as a way to try to prevent this from being an appealing option for 3rd party ticketing companies to take tickets away from our Festivarians and re-sell them extremely over priced.

Also, we are shipping out RFID wristbands this year or they can be picked up at the Box Office. So there’s no way that we can confirm that your purchase through StubHub is legitimate.

Please avoid purchasing our festival tickets over face value in the future and I sincerely hope you haven’t been sold fake tickets.

Make all the RFID tickets will-call (with name changes permitted) and the scamming goes away like that . . . it won’t stop scalping, and frankly, I’m not sure anyone can stop that . . .but it will discourage or stop scammers altogether

Yes, we will have to wait in line to get tickets - but that isn’t much different than waiting in line to exchange pieces of paper with bar codes . . and given the staggered arrival times of everyone coming to T-ride, I can’t imagine it would be any different/taxing than years past

And given the recent ‘delays’ by See Tickets mailing wristbands, will-call is beginning to seem like a good idea for early arrivals vs. the uncertainly and unpredictability of the US Post Office

Wristbands are now being shipped out and there is no longer the option to select to have wristbands switched to be picked up at Will Call.

Im confused. I didnt know anything about wristbands being mailed until I read it just now on this forum. I received my tickets from See Tickets as a PDF but never received a wristband. Am I going to run into troube with my printed ticket and no wrist band?

I should add that my ticket is for Folks Fest THIS weekend and I’m already in town from out of state. can someone please clear up the mention of “mailed wristbands?” Dont we usually receive wrist bands when we present our ticket with scan code?

Also I have friends who werent able to find tickets for sat and sun and found a reseller on stubhub. He’s charging less than face value and it should be issued under the correct name at sale. Are they going to be ok?

Lastly if Planet Bluegrass doesnt like 3rd party sellers, then the simplest solution is…dont sell tickets to them. Tickets sell out every year and if, as you say, 3rd parties are buying up too many tickets and causing prices to increase, just stop selling to them or control what they can charge for them. When tickets are sold out, folks are going to look whereever they can to find them.
Just sayin…