Help Needed: TBF Ticket Collection

Hi Everybody,

I was hoping somebody could help me out. I’ve been collecting my concert ticket stubs since my first concert in 1981. My first TBF was 2002. I had the four day ticket and being a first timer, I didn’t know that they take away your actual ticket and give you a wristband. Since than I’ve always made a scan of my ticket and saved it as a jpeg.

By chance, does anybody have a scan of the 2002 ticket? I’d love to print one out and add it to my collection.



In the same boat in that I am looking for a 2008 stub. That ebing said, someone told me that on Monday morning (In TP at least) when people are streaming out and packing, they set up a card table with all the tickets so people can grab one back, I forgot to do this last year, any feedback if in fact they do this?

hello there,
I too am a ticket collector and was super bummed last year when they took my TBF tickets and gave me wristbands… :frowning: But…you can get them back at the end of it all. I was told last year to check the box office sunday afternoon or early evening and to ask nicely, I did and there was no problem in getting stubs to the tickets I had at one point. I was extremely pumped that they let us get the tickets back, my collection wouldn’t mean the same thing if it were missing any TBF ticket.

Statelax, I could send you a scan of the 2008 ticket if you get me an email address. I just went to look for it, and can’t find it, but know for sure I scaned it, just need to find what folder I put it in.


You too kind and I would love that!