HELP HELP! More confusion about camping/parking

Geez, I hope someone can help us out! This is the first year that we’ve been fortunate enough to get RG tickets & camping permits (@ Olsen). After wondering when to show up to get a camping spot, I looked on the PB website, but didn’t really see anything other than a mention of 9am Thursday (does that mean we were supposed to purchase camping for an additional day??). So I started reading some of the past forum posts, and now am really confused! :huh

It sounds as though many folks just come up a week before & leave their cars for a spot in line. Never having experienced this, plus the fact that it really wouldn’t work for us (not to mention that it seems a little on the “not nice” side to me) we just honestly don’t know what to do now. We’ve purchased the 3 day camping passes, a vehicle pass for our truck, and an RV pass for our pop-up camper.

We’d really appreciate a “heads up” from any of you that have experience with this so that we can plan accordingly. We’re not looking for special treatment or anything, we just want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing. :flower

Olson campground is not as packed as on-site camping. The folks that show up a week before have on-site passes. You can show up on Thusday and get a good spot
and not have to worry…I hope this helps… :cheers

Yes - that does help alot! We are looking forward to this so much - I think we’re going to have a blast! :thumbsup

Can you park a car in the town or is it off limits during the festival? :flower

If you were going to a local restaurant, or shop, it would be Ok while you were in that store,
but parking is not allowed for those going to the festival. The festival parking is not that
far away however and there are shuttles, though some people walk.

Yes, it is ture. Everything is very acccesable in Lyons by foot (or shuttle) no matter where you are camped. Olsen is the furthest and may take a 3-5 minute walk to town and slightly more to the festie. Meadow park is basically right in town and a couple of minutes from the fest, plus you can ride a tube from next to the stage into the campground. It is all good

Brent and Barb,

I have stayed in Olson and Meadowview as well as on site. Camping at Olson is usually never too full. If you get there on Thursday you should be able to get a nice site along the tree line. There is a bathroom there and it is right along the St Vrain. There is a nice park next to Olson and there is always the shuttle and it is truly only a 5 to 7 minute walk to the festival site. You will have room to park your car next to your camper and you will even be able to get your car in and out of the campground without a problem. There is also a bike path that runs into the park if you were planning on bringing your bikes. Speaking of bikes I have brought mine every year to get around town-makes it convenient.

The festival is coming up quick-get your dancing shoes on.


Hi Pat,
Thx for the info! One of my questions on our original post addressed paying for an additional day of camping (ie: arriving on Thursday even though our camping pass is for Fri, Sat & Sun). How do the RG folks handle that?

Does this mean that we just “line up” on Thursday and sleep in the truck until Olsen opens up on Friday? I’m sorry to ask so many questions - as you can see, we’ve never done the camping thing at RG! :huh

Thanks to you all for your responses!

At Olson campground there is not usually a big line if at all…The campground should open on Thursday 6/23 not sure of time of day. On-site camping opens at 6:00pm on Thursday as well. Hope this helps. :cheers

ON Planet Bluegrass website

it says:

Location: 3/4 mile from the festival grounds, next to Bohn Park (another lovely Lyons park), just past the confluence of the North and South St. Vrain Rivers in Lyons. An easy 10-minute walk to the festival or a free shuttle is also available.
Vehicles: Vehicle and RV passes are available for this area.
Opens: 9am on Thursday, July 23
Closes: noon on Monday, July 27
Tickets: $35 [ Purchase now ]
Does NOT include a Festival pass
Located in the wide-open fields of Bohn Park and the Olson Property, the Olson Campground has easy access to the river, a playground, and bathhouse (no showers). The camping area is several hundred feet from the river, but the panoramic views are gorgeous. The campground is on the northwest corner of the park.

If you wanted to keep your truck next to your camper, you would need both passes

I think you mean 7/23. At least I hope so, or we’ve ALL missed the boat! :lol