Hello Townpark veterans

Since the festival is nearly here :cheers my wife and I are in full fledged preperation mode. We are putting the final touches on gathering our equipment and replacing old worn equipment. I have a question about real estate in townpark. Is it wise for my wife and I to pack a small sunshade to set up next to our tent or is that not needed do to space limitations.

:wave Shade is good, says the “veteran festivarian”. God made tarps and twine and tennis balls to help us make shade. Shade is good and thus, verily so, the gods looked down on us all and declared


Shade is good


Bring it

:cheers :cheers :cheers

Praise Hippie for he has shown me the light :cheers

Some areas of Town Park are shadier than others, so as Jerry so eloquently put it… “bring it”.
If you don’t need it, you can just stash it aside. :thumbsup

Or share it if someone else has not heeded Jerry’s words!

Or use it as shelter if the good weather goes south. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

I’m with Auntie Hope on this one - bring some sort of waterproof sunshade (ie, an EZ-Up) and you’ll be set for whatever climate the Gods bestow upon you.

Be Prepared!

One more thing…
Be sure you stake it down properly (angled rather than straight down) or it will end up being a big kite! :eek

Kites!!! I like kites!!! :butterfly

Until all that metal comes crashing down on you. :eek

Maybe I should have said “it will become a missle”. :wink:

One thing I recognized last year is that my gear which I thought was durable enough didn’t turn out to be. I had to upgrade the tent and sleeping bag. Plus I learned real quick about proper layers. So anyone out there that hasn’t been yet. Take a good look at your gear and clothes and say hmmmmmmm.

over the years the Gear list has grown
the tent , the bags , the layers , the shade , the tolet , the show , the kitchen , the shade
GEEZ …Tom was my mentor and thaught me everything I know
If you wanna go Basic …a at least 3 season tent , 25 degree bag
Layers of Clothes , Rain Gear ie GORTEX !!!
all in all if your in Town Park we take care of each other !

I think Daniela posted a great layering system that she dresses by at festivals… maybe she can elaborate.


P.S. Where is Daniela anyway… ?