Hello! Seating question for us old festivarians

I need to come back to Telluride after many years. The music will heal my soul, and my old bones need to dance and howl at the moon…. :smiley: I could have screwed up tho… I just bought two passes for four days for Floor GA seats 7-10. I paid a kings ransom for them, but can’t find any info on where they are?

Any info would be appreciated…I can walk and dance, but can’t do long distances anymore.

Thank you! I can’t wait! I’ll be the one in a funny hat, getting my groove on (wait, that will be a lot of us) :smiley::heart:

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Hi @sunnymelon ,

We only sell one type of ticket so “general admission” is implied, and we don’t have sectioned seating for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival event.

If you purchased tickets over face value from a third party company, we wish you’d found this forum first – but I’m so glad you found us!

There are tickets that become available on this forum frequently at the Telluride Ticket Exchange / Swap section of our website under The Shop category.

My concern is that you stated in your topic the following: “I just bought two passes for four days for Floor GA seats 7-10. I paid a kings ransom for them…”

Planet Bluegrass never charges over Face Value and doesn’t even charge the purchaser the processing fees as other events typically do. We never allow our Festivarian Forum platform to be a place other than honest Face Value and connections amongst our Festivarian Family.

Please feel free to reach out to Planet Bluegrass Headquarters for further guidance:
MT Hours: Tu-Fr, 9a-4p

  • BluegrassNat :sunflower:

Yup, I think I was had… It didn’t sit right in all my experiences in going to the festivals. I tried to cancel the tickets, we will see if it works. I put it on my credit card (3k for the 4 day pass)… so I can dispute it. I already contacted my bank. This is exactly why I need to go to the festival. Bad guys are not allowed in…. Good guys get to dance and sing and get away from the bad guys.

Thank you! I will hope to get my passes, and celebrate all our humanity…


Best of luck in getting your money back. And sorry for the ordeal you’re going to have to go through because of the crappy folks in the world.

In the event that you’re able to get it all worked out there and decide to still get tickets, please check back in the shop section (as Nat had mentioned). There are face value tickets often available there.



Really sorry you have to go through that. I hope to get to attend, best of luck to you!

Thank you!! I’m still fighting with Stub Hub. Their answer is ‘Sell the tickets if you don’t want to go’. My answer was I’m not going to sell the tickets that have false advertising and potentially fraud to another person, just to unload the tickets. That would not be a kind or right thing to do. I hate to get my bank involved, I bought them on my Amex, so I should have some protection. I was told I would have a lifetime ban from Stub Hub…. Sounds like triple dog dare to me. :nerd_face::innocent: Hopefully they will make it right. Thank you all!

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F stub hub who needs them anyway.!


First, I would consider a lifetime ban from Stub Hub a badge of honor.

Another couple of avenues to pursue in your fight- this festival has, in the past, had a checkbox upon purchase where the buyer agrees not to resale tickets over face value. You could make an argument they were fraudulently sold since this was violated.
There are no tickets currently. “Ticket” holders essentially have IOUs for wristbands, which haven’t been shipped yet. You could also ask that the seller transfer the wristbands immediately (they can’t, they don’t have them). If this wasn’t divulged in the sale, also fraudulent.

Best of luck.


Thank you all!! I talked to my bank, and they agreed it sounded like fraud (I gave them the evidence you gave me, again thank

you). They seemed to believe they should be able to get all my money back. The lady I spoke to pretty nice, and when I told her Stub Hub’s answer was simply to sell it someone else (therefore making it their problem), she said, well, that would be a crappy thing to do! I said, exactly! I’ll wait and see if I can get two legitimate passes (and leads are appreciated), and hope to see you all at festival!


That’s great to hear @sunnymelon

So, did you find tickets?

My Husband and I got tickets! I cried when they arrived (happy tears)… We need a place to stay. We are very kind people, and really just need a bedroom, shower, and access to a kitchen. Happy to pay our way… Any room at anyone’s inn?