Heaters… We need to buy a new heater or two…I’ve been loking around and the Mr. heaters look best but they also state that they do not work over 7000 ft… Suggestions for heaters ?

This is what I have for my tent:

Tent Heater

It works quite well. There are smaller BTU models but they don’t seem to heat my size tent.

Dang that’s livin’ large Hooch, a thin slice of heaven…
Cabellas is a much different deal, outside use. I was wondering… :flower
Thanks! :flower

The Zodie Hot water heater states you should run the pump, then turn on the heater (15 feet away)… sounds like a cold half nekkid challenge ta me :lol

Just wondering, is there a better hot shower solution :huh

We have the same heater and the Hot Water on Demand system for the shower

What size tent do you have Hooch? Kim and I have a 9’ x 9’.

Will these work for some warmth while hanging around our living space in evening as well?

I have an REI Camp Dome 5, which is about 7’ hexagon inside but is tall enough for me to stand up inside (6’2"). More volume than many tents.

Mine would not work in an outdoor environment.

Maybe I should exchange my zodie for the Hot Water on demand… seems more user friendly(for RGA).

Thanks for the info :flower

Actually they do work over 7000 feet. I have three of them. Also there’s an outfit out of Florida (maybe Tampa hardware onlne) that sells them for not alot of money.

My Mr. Heater shuts itself off in Telluride. It’ll run about 20 minutes, then shut down. I’ve got the Buddy Heater, which is smaller and possibly different, but I bought it for Telluride and tried it for 2 years in a row before bagging it. Can’t recommend a Mr. Heater at altitude, but it’s interesting to hear that some people use them and find them functional. Maybe I just knocked mine over too many times… Or am I doing something wrong?

bevin- I do not think it is you… website reviews mention frequently NOt above 7000 ft. I think the Mr. Heater paperwork says too. I was looking at a buddy I think the other day and at Sportsman Warehouse, I questioned and they saud not recommended above 8-9… So, I passed…

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