I see there is no regional forum for Hawaii :frowning:

We would like to help put Hawaii on the Bluegrass map… :eek

The third annual Pickin’ In Pahoa is being hosted at The Shire on the Big Island (in the Puna district of the Hawaii Island) this February 14 to 18. :cheers

If there is anyone out here… please come on down and bring your instruments and camping gear… and remember what we say about us Punatics: "We’re all here because we’re not all there!). :flower

Mahalo nui loa from the desert island of bluegrass, :wink:

Dr. Glen :wave

Just got back from your neck of the woods, Doc. :cheers (Maui, actually…)
Jake Shimabukuro was playing the night after we left. :argh

I’d say the west coast forum is the best place for you to check in…those folks are the closest, at least. I’d be happy to fire up a Hawaii board…if you drum up an interest. :flower

Good to hear that there is some bluegrass pickin’ going on. :pickin

Not to Hijack this thread but… man He kicks ass.
Did you see that Etown that he opened for SCI?

WOW> I was blown away…

The big Island is a little too far for me Doc, but it’s cool that your spreading the word.
Good Luck. :flower

Kicks ass is probably an understatement for Jake S.! :lol

Back on Topic…
If anyone has info on how to contact Bob and Kay in Hawaii please e-mail or PM me.

Auntie Hope

I just sent you the addy.


Thanks to everyone that sent me contact info for Bob and Kaye! I spoke with them and they are thrilled to be looking forward to some bluegrass on the Big Island. :cheers

Take good care of them Doc Glen! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin