Hauling from Houston to Telluride, 2010

Two of us are thinking about a road trip up to the Festivities this year… Looks like I am the first “republican” to post from my neck of the woods. Anyone else around here down for a caravan?

There are several of us who drive up from Ft. Worth every year. It takes about two days, if you stop over in Albuquerque to sleep on the way. A lot depends on when you’re planning to start the drive. Where will you be staying?

:wave any this year?

What about this year?

Just guessing I know the answer… but…
Anyone this year?

:wave anyone anyone 45th? anyone anyone

What about this year???

Lol…I love your tenacity with this thread. Yep, I’m coming from the San Antonio area and camping in Town Park. In the past, I’ve camped with Camp Steamboat Too (or Camp Steamboat Also), but this year one of my little crew has to use a vehicle pass, so about four of us will be set up wherever her camper goes. Look for us at Camp Waffle House!