Has anyone undergone physiotherapy after accident?

Hi!! A few weeks back my husband has met with an accident. He has injured his neck, lower back, and his forehead. He consulted a nearby GP and the doctor said there is nothing to worry. He gave him some medications and also treated his wound. But 2 days back, he has been complaining about lower back pain. He called upon the GP and he suggested taking Tylenol for relief. He told me that he is not able to sit for a longer time and he is worried about this situation.
One of my aunts suggested taking him to a physiotherapist in our locality. She said that it is better to undergo a physiotherapy treatment soon after an accident as it will improve the functionality of the body. I’m planning to schedule an appointment with a therapist from a physiotherapy clinic in Burlington. Has anyone here undergone physiotherapy treatment? How was your experience with it? Looking forward to your reply.