Hardside smaller camper

Is Mary Ilium campground my best bet for parking our smaller camper?

If your quick and lucky, you can get Lawson Hill RV tickets. Not wooded like Illium, but nice. You need to call the office for those tickets and they will be gone soon.

I just purchased for Ilium. This is our first year and I really don’t have a clue if that is good or bad. It says vehicles under 22 ft…so I’m assuming a 14 foot 1969 hard side camper is included in that. I feel a little lost!

You’re all set, RockyTop.

The Ilium vehicle pass is good for any sort of camper up to 22’.

You’ll enjoy Ilium, it’s a nice camping area.

Don’t forget that each person camping needs a camping pass and a 4-day pass (or tickets to all 4-days.)



Do they bring in portable showers at Ilium? If not, what are my best options? I will be tent camping.

There are great showers at the High School!

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Ilium is a great campground, we have stayed there for 4 years. You have to take a shuttle to town which is a 10-15 min drive, but they have a number of busses running so your not always waiting for a ride.