Hardly Strictly Roll Call

There is a thread in the California section about the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass show in San Francisco - Oct 3,4,5… How many Festivarians are planning on attending?

Run a Muck may have some limited camping and tarp service available. Respond by PM or in the California board. Whatever we do it will be much more low key than the past couple of years.


I’ll be there 4 sure! Made hotel and flight reservations a couple weeks ago. Count me in for a total of 4 peoples if you’re planning anything, Hippie.

Sadly. . . .

no … not me… not this year.


I’ll be there for my 4th HS. The line up looks great so far, looking forward to seeing Bonnie Prince Billy, he’s an interesting character.

Luanna… you almost sound festi-ed out. Almost. :frowning:

You will be missed this year!!

I think I am hardly strictly definately coming to HSB this year. I was going to book a hotel or stay with a friend, but…if there is a possibility for camping with all of you, that is more appealing to me. Let me know…

In Peace,

actually… someone told me that you all weren’t doing it this year. Was that just a ruse? anyway, I i have to save my money for a wedding.


The Hardly Strictly plans are coming together…

We have room for about 30. Tarp service will include:
Beverage service - beer, wine, water, and juice.
locally grown organic veggies, meat, fruit, and bread/crackers.

We will be placing a tarp at the main (banjo) stage ONLY.

Camping is extremely limited, we have room for about 12 campers, a shuttle van will convey us to the venue.

Please remember that our endeavors are strictly out of love for our fellow festivarians. This is a volunteer effort to make us more comfortable at this massive festival.

We are still looking for a couple of volunteers to help us place tarps in the early mornings at the banjo stage. You will receive complimentary food and beverage for this service :thumbsup

Please - - - respond by personal message so we do not clutter the list with un needed traffic.

Peace n Love


Hey Everybody! :wave :wave :wave

Tarp service for the 2008 Hardly Strictly outing is now full up.

We still have a few camping spots open that include tarp service. The campout will be in Novato. We will be able to provide camping Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Food service in camp from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast, and tarp service. Transportation will be provided to and from the festival on Saturday and Sunday.

Send e mail to Karlos: kdavidek@usgs.gov
or Hippie Jerry: hippie@svn.net

To make reservations. We’ll be in touch with all of the participants sometime late next week.

:cheers :cheers :cheers

Send e mail to Karlos: kdavidek@usgs.gov
Yikes Karlos get a Yahoo email
Im not sending an email to the Gov next then that Happens us the IRS shows up …Then DEA
Followed By Homeland Surcuirty

Remember Big Brother is watching !