Hardly strictly 2011 Camp Run a Muck

Reservations for the campground must be made ON January 10th at 9am! You can download the form here:


We would like to reserve Both campsites for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The dates: Sept 30 —> Oct 2.

Let’s get this done folks and be able to Festivate in a major way next October!

Hippie Jerry

If you or Karlos or AJ still have that e-mail list, we might want to alert everyone. Mine will be in at 9:00 sharp. Thanks for the heads up and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Ellen & Michael

Ellen I did get an email yesterday from Jerry so I think he is sending out a few :cheers :flower :hug :vibes sounds like good company and fun. :flower

Thank you Jerry.

Jerry the website talks about 4 campsites, do we want all 4? :thumbsup

Ok the web site contradicts itself by saying that there are 2 sites then says 4. I guess I am seeing double this morning! Can we abide by all the rules??? :cheers :pirate

I read those rules also and had the same thought Larry! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Yep hope it says no animals are allowed so that means A.J. is out! :evil

There are four sites but two campsites are reserved for a youth at risk program. We might end up sharing the space anyway. The posted “quiet hours” concern me a bit if those other sites happen to be occupied that weekend.

We should go for both available sites for all three nights.


Ok, I will be ready to fax at 9:00AM what should we call our organization? :cheers

We just need a good acronym Larry…
I don’t think Bluegrass Americans Remembering Friends would work… :cheers

Just a quick reminder that the faxes are due at 9am this coming Monday!

I have downloaded the form and would be happy to send it on to anyone who needs it, just send me your e-mail addy.

You should register as an individual for both of the available campsites. Any charges will be promptly reimbursed. The purpose of our adventure could best be classified as family reunion :flower

Good luck and god’s speed…



We are in !!!


Awesome Jerry! Thanks for the call last night and Way to go Erndog for securing the campsite. I will be the first to reserve two spots on the roster!! :cheers :pirate

Whoo Hoo & FESTIVALLLLL! High fives to Erndog and we’ll see everybody in October and, hopefully, June.
Hugs to all,
Ellen & Michael

:wave :wave :wave

Erndog, Kapt Karl, and Hippie J made a recon trip to the newly remodeled Rob Hill Campground last weekend. Here are the pics:

Rob Hill Campground pics

You can ignore the pretty rainbow picture at the end as that is not Rob Hill… I was just being lazy with the uploading thing :flower


Lookin’ good! :thumbsup

Hey Jerry, hopefully Kim & I can make it this year, missed everyone last season. See you at Town Park, I plan to bring a cooler full of bivalves to supplement yours! I am sure that Courtness will have some good recipes, and I will bring a plethora of hot sauces!


:thumbsup That’s awesome Jed, you guys have been absent from Town Park for way too long…

We’ll have announcements about Hardly Strictly are forthcoming in about one month.


Hell ya, its been 4 years since we were in Town Park. Good thing we bought our tickets before I figured out our taxes for last year - ouch! I wish Colorado had an ocean nearby, then I would move there.

Any News on Camp Runamuck??? :pirate