Hard Copies Available

I’m sure most of the tradable sets will be posted here in the coming weeks as they’re processed and uploaded on-line.

If anyone can’t wait, I suggest supporting the artists by buying their commercially released CDs. If you’ve got them all and still can’t wait, I do have sets available to send on CD in the mail. At the moment, they’re not tracked–in other words, the whole set is one 75-minute track, instead of 15 individual tracks marked for each song. I’m working on set lists, and will post them as I have them.

If you want to send me blanks and postage for any three sets by July 15th, I can get them back to you quickly, since they’re already on CD and I’d send without tracking them. (I’ll be tracking some sets as I go, but I thought I’d make this available for any patience-challenged planetarians out there.)

Drop me an e-mail at owenperk@aol.com if you need anything in a hurry. Otherwise, it’s worth waiting for fully processed sets to appear–they’ll be here.

And please, check the artists’ policy on trading shows before requesting a set. I can’t send sets if the artists don’t allow trading.