Happy Holidays from Our House to Yours


adooorable! :flower


They’re getting to be quite the young men. :medal

Yeah and can’t you just see all that preteen attitude ooozing all over the place!!! :rolleyes :rock

Thanks, for the Holiday wish, I send it right back at ya, and all of you.

The photos remind me of me and my brother so much, we would torture our mom to get a good picture, on any holiday… and that was before digital photos… heh.

Happy Holidays. :drunk

well as long as we are sending out holiday wishes; here is my family’s

Click here

Happy Holidays

I would post a picture here but it wont let me…:frowning: so sad…

It says upload folder full??? Phoooooooo

PLEASE tell me you’ve all visited elfyourself.com. If not, it’s a must.



This number used to be a joke but now it’s a gift card/gift basket customer service line for a grocery store chain, so caller beware.

It is really fun, I used it as my happy holidays ecard to my friends. I don’t remember when I have laughed so hard!


Yes, this is me! :flower
It was taken during a Raider game in 2000. :thumbsup

My dream has come true! I’m gonna be living with Santa Clause!!! I’ll be expecting some class A eggnog out of you tom . . . oh, and a nightly plate of cookies too :wink:

oh my gosh, this forum will be the end of me! Ok, my roomate just made this, check it out!!! it’s me and her . . . tell me if it works


Priceless. :flower

Well Sarah, not to burst your bubble, but traditionally, YOU would be the one leaving the cookies out for Santa :lol

But I suppose traditions can be bent!

Juist stay out of Santa’s Lap !!!


He did not say that; I did not hear that; I will not see that in my head!

I know …i saw it in my minds eye …
10 festy points for having to endure that


I love it! I love it!
We want Santa Claus!
We want Santa Claus!