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We’re Covered…

Thanks Ed, Sabine and Luke! :cheers

Does this mean you got your vehicle pass?? I sure hope so!!!
:thumbsup :dance :bubbles

Great to hear!! :thumbsup

Gotta Love this Family !!!

Good news!!! :thumbsup

I guess this means the Bloody Mary’s are ON! Whooo Hooo! Congrats Debbie (and Thanks Ed & Sabine!)

Ahhh… Yes Virginia, There IS A FESTIVAL GOD! :woohoo


What a great way to end the week! Congrats!!!

Happy day neighbor!

If you come across any more Ma and Pa Biddle are still looking as are a few other fishbone family. I don’t think they’re here but I’m happy to pass the word if something does turn up and I’m certain they’d be extremely appreciative.