Happy Birthday to the Coolest Brit Chick Lalagay

Lalagay is having her big day today over there across the pond. I will fix a proper gin and tonic and drink it in your honor!

I hope the next year is full of great surprises, adventures, success and of course on nice long trip to Colorado!
:cheers :cheers :cheers :woohoo :cake :bday :drunk :drunk :drunk

Happy Birthday!

Hope your birthday is so much fun and ya dont have to work too hard at the office…
i got allison playing all day in your birthday honor :wink:
:cake :dance :bday :oconnor :love :festivarian :butterfly :band :sunshine :dance :vibes :green :bubbles
Happy happy happy happy birthday!!!


Have a very happy birthday, and I hope you make it back to Telluride next year. :flower

Happy Birthday Lalagay!!! :cake :hop :hop :clap :clap :hop :hop :cake

Happy Happy !!!
Much Love from Deb and I
:cheers :flower :cheers

Happy Happy Joy Joy, It’s Lala’s Big Day. :cake :bday
Have a great one :cheers
Peace…A J :pipe2

Oh gosh I’m late! So sorry Lalagay. I hope it was happy. Here’s a little ditty for your bday.

Today is your day
Miss Lalagay
You stole all our hearts
With your freshly baked tarts

You sang us a tune
Under the Telluride moon
Like winning a prize
as we sat, mesmerized.

The voice of an angel
The face of a goddess
We are so lucky
That you stumbled upon us

You’re one of us now
No getting around it
You’ll always return to the magic
Now that you’ve found it.

It wasn’t a dream
You really were here
I know you’ll be back
Year after year

So until that time comes
Keep on having fun
Share the joy in your heart
And we’ll never be apart. :hug

Much love to you dear Lalagay. Cindy Lou

everyone else has already used up all the cool ways to say Happy Birthday so I will just say it plain and simply…Happy Birthday!


:wave You didn’t get your :flower Hippy Barthday :flower so here, so hear it is.


Oh my gosh!!! :eek :eek :eek I can’t believe it! I never thought to check the forum this week and you guys all left me the sweetest birthday wishes!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:rolleyes I don’t know what to say, you guys are the BEST :medal

I had such an awesome time in Telluride, met so many amazing people, I hold all of you in my heart all of the time…

So you better get ready, cos I’m coming back next year! :woohoo :hop :clap :rollin :sunshine :drunk

Jess, how lovely to have started this thread just for me :hug , and thanks to everyone who posted, I feel so honored! and Cindy Lou, your poem is AWESOME, it brought back such great memories…

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait to be back for TBF 2010, somebody hold me back, I’m ready to leave already! :slight_smile:

Love you all! :love :kiss :hug

Whats in September?