Happy Birthday, Mark!!

On behalf of DukTape fans everywhere (or just on the forum), we present you with “The Adventures of DukTape Man”!

(featuring Blaze, of course)

Enjoy the DT-novella!

This virtual things just doesn’t do it for me. I was outside spelling happy birthday Mark in ducktape so now you’ll just have to fly over my house. Just put the cape on Ducktape Man and give him a camera, he can do it.

Happy Birthday Mark.



Even though I don’t believe we’ve met in person, you, DTM, and Blaze have had a profound impact on my life and I just want to say thanks. Here’s wishing you an incredible birthday full of Tecate and SPAM.

:cake :bday :hop :hop :drunk

Long live Mark, DTM, and Blaze. :horsey

Hugs, kisses, and birthday wishes to ya, Mark. Here’s to raisin’ a little hell in J-Tree, and I hope to see you at HSB!! Love you! :love :love :love :love :love :love

Happy Birthday Forum Friend!

Happy Birthday Mark!


:cheers Cheers! Here’s to another one down! :cheers

Hey Mark! Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day older than…than…HEY! Do you want a beer??

I saw Mark at a club in LA last night… he was already complaining about the loud music.

<What an old man!>

On another note, he was reunited with DukTape Man!! It was quite a touching moment… brought a tear to my eye… <sniff, sniff>

Thank you everyone. :flower

Special Thanks to Gipper who drug DT Man all the way into Hollywood for a Birthday dinner and made the awesome Book, and Daniela who left a beautiful version of Happy Birthday in my voice mail. :cheers Hope to see you all at HSB in a few weeks.

Did you really think I’d leave him at home with all my booze UNSUPERVISED??

I don’t know how you and Bevin put up with the li’l dude. He hasn’t been in the OC for a week, yet I’ve been cited TWICE for disorderly conduct…

One more and I’ll get evicted… :eek

Well, when you bring DTM to a city (Newport Beach) that boasts (in)famous residents such as Dennis Rodman what do you expect the little guy to do? I hear DTM is making a play now for Carmen Electra - any truth to the rumor?

So… we can expect D-Money in San Fran? Yes?

I can see the headline now…
Hoodlums Unite for ‘SPAMBALL Party’ in Presidio Campground
7th Annual HSB Fest Out of Control Over Weekend

Auntie Hope :wink:

You bet DukTape Man be at HSB!! He’s my carpooler!!

And, Mark, I am sorry about the lame dinner… who knew we would find the only place in all of Hollywood that had no liquor license… or phone book…

It was still great, but next time I’ll know LA is BYOB (bring your own book) :cheers

Oh no! i was kind away from the forum for awhile and I missed your birthday.

well… could you just pretend that iIwas trying to be fashionably late and just got carried away?

okay then!

Happy Birthday!!


Now you’re in trouble, you were in LA and didn’t call me. This can not happen again. DO YOU HEAR ME? Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve screamed on the forum. Sorry, I was just overwhelmed that I missed a lousy dinner to celebrate Mark’s birthday in Hollywood. Next time, call me, I’ll have my people take care of everything.


Maybe DTM should stay in NoCal for few days. He needs to get some o that northern California vibe going. He’s way too uptight for us festivarians in the emerald triangle. :flower :flower :flower

See many of you next week!